Behind The Scenes At ThirstyCat Fountains

Most people have no real idea about what goes into the creation of a ThirstyCat Fountian. This video should help for those who would like to better understand. Some of the crew members have changed but the processes remain the same. We hope you enjoy it. Use coupon code – thirstycats – for 10% off […]



Fountains by Request We are often asked if we will make fountains with some particular attribute. For example a number of people request something small so we make it a point to create some with a small footprint and small center pieces – great for apartment dwellers and those with limited above floor-level, horizontal surfaces. […]

Lotus Spray Fountain – Handmade

ThirstyCats creates many handmade designs of cat fountains which serve equally as well as indoor fountains for home decor and just plain personal enjoyment. Here is one such fountain. Our Pink Lotus Spray Fountain. Please note that the entirety of this fountain was made by hand. The fountain bowl and the base of the lotus […]