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    5+ Years and still works
    I bought my cat fountain at least 5 years ago, and only recently has the pump started to act up. I came on this site and see that they have replacements for a very reasonable price but they also offer troubleshooting advice, which shows integrity. This has got to be the best purchase I have made for any animal... ever! I will let you know if the troubleshooting works, but none-the-less this fountain, and the company, deserves 5 stars!
    Amazing Customer Service!
    I purchased a thirsty cat fountain last year and I could not be happier with the fountain! It is attractive, easy to clean, and my kitties love it! Just recently, my husband broke the leaf cord cover. I immediately contacted Jackie to find out if I could order a replacement leaf cord cover. Jackie and her wonderful team at Thirsty Cat Fountains went out of their way to send me two new leaf cord covers. Outstanding customer service!! I highly recommend purchasing a fountain from Thirsty Cat Fountains! I definitely intend to purchase another fountain. Thank you again Jackie!
    I ordered a fountain for my recently rescued, four year old, companion and magic happened. To explain, I beg your indulgence, but I really have to start this story at the very beginning. I got Zen from a TNR rescue that realized this particular cat should never have been put out side, he just was too passive to remain in the feral colony. He looked a bit ragged, but who wouldn’t after spending months around other cat’s bullying. When I got him back home, he took one look around and went to lay with my husband who was very ill at the time. He blended in perfectly, and his devotion to my husband during a difficult time was wonderful to see. Unfortunately, my husband passed away this past December, and Zen and I both went into a spin. I noticed he was off his food and his water intake was dropping. I researched all kinds of remedies, to get kitties to drink more and fountains were at the top of the list. Thirsty Cat Fountains was one of the companies I researched and their reviews were excellent:great workmanship, easy to clean, etc. so I ordered a small fountain, for one cat and it arrived a few days later. And that’s when the music stopped. Instead of my small bubbler fountain, I opened up to a very large, blue fountain,nothing like I ordered. I got back to the company, sent a picture, and asked what happened. They told my it was a mix up and my fountain was on its was to someone in California who probably was not going to be happy when they saw the difference in size. I figured it was lost forever in UPS hell. Since each of these fountains are singular creations, the service team jumped into action to find mine. Call me initially cynical, help desks in a lot of major companies are pits of frustration and despair. Not here. They found my fountain by tracking it thru UPS, redirected it to my house, sent me a label to return the wrong fountain back to them. Got my fountain, it’s just lovely, and I found a company that goes out of their way to provide a very good product, even when it’s on its way somewhere else. My cat, he is loving his fountain….he is totally back to being Zen. Thanks for all your help with this
    Fancy Fountain
    It took my cat awhile before he start drinking the water fountain like 3 months. Look at him now, he loves it. The fountain looks so fancy, easy to clean and good customer service! Thank you so much!
    Simply Great
    I purchased my ThirstyCat fountain after searching for one that: a) my cat would use; b) was beautiful as well as practical; and c) had fewer parts and was easy to clean. The ceramic fountain checks all the boxes. I took a picture of my cat drinking from it and sent it to my bff, another cat person, who texted "it's beautiful." It is, but more: it's easy to clean. The previous brand, while functional, required removal of a rubber gasket and had a mechanism made up of several plastic parts. Putting it back together after cleaning was a nightmare and replacement filters were costly. My ThirstyCat is simple and to the point. I delight every time I see Whisper drinking from it (she seems delighted, too). Thank you for a well-designed, elegant product priced right with excellent customer support. Bravo!
    Thirsty Dog
    We discovered Thirsty Cat fountains several years ago. I was looking for hand made cat fountains to give my cats an additional water source that they would not need to share with the dogs. Not only was the first fountain beautiful, well made, and easy to clean, our Cats both loved it. So we thought why not ask if one can be made for a dog too. Our precious Lilly was special needs, having lost both of her eyes to a genetic condition. We made contact with the company and explained our situation and what we wanted. A larger fountain with louder water sounds so that it would be easier for Lilly to find the dish, even if we had to move it. Not only did we get a super fast response, we were told that Thirsty Cats would be happy to help us . Our second fountain arrived a few short weeks later. While Lilly is no longer with us. She passed in June of 2022. Her fountain remains a favorite with our cats, as well as our other dogs.
    Beautiful Fountains
    I have two ThirstyCat Fountains. I bought the green one when my cat Amethyst was just a kitten, 10 years ago. She thought it was funny to take the water bowl and slide it across the wood floor and watch the water slosh out. I know all cats should have water fountains. So I did my research and looked for a heavy ceramic one that she couldn't slide across the floor. In my research, I found ThirstyCat Fountains. I loved them all immediately. I settled on this green one which matches my living room and dining room. A couple of years later, I bought a yellow one to match my home office. I always use bottled or filtered water. I clean them both every 10 days without fail soaking the bowl and the motor in white vinegar. I have alerts on my calendar so I don't forget! I have never had any lime or hard water build up or deposits, Both look brand new. If I didn't think the sound of the water would keep me awake, I'd get one of the purple ones to match my bedroom. The photo is Amethyst washing her paws in the fountain. I volunteer for a cat rescue and when someone adopts a cat or kitten, I always send them a link to the ThirstyCat Fountain website.
    Perfect cat fountain!
    I wanted to purchase a cat fountain for a while but hadn’t because of being concerned about the safety of the materials used to make them. Then I found the Thirsty Cat Fountain website. I feel like I hit the jackpot. Not only did I find a US based company that strives to make every aspect of their fountains as safe as possible for cats, each one is handmade, unique and extremely beautiful too! I found the information on their website very helpful. I did email a couple of questions that I had and I received a quick response. The fountain I chose was perfectly packaged with care and was shipped quickly. The fountain is even more beautiful in person and the instructions are thorough and easy to follow. I haven’t decided exactly where I am going to keep the fountain yet but as you can see from the picture, one of my cats has already started drinking from it right where it is now. I will spread the word to my friends about this wonderful company and their gorgeous safe cat fountains!
    Great birthday gift!
    This is the second fountain we have purchased from Thristy Cats. Got this for Rigby's 7th Birthday! Such great products. Very well made and a great many options to choose from. Professional, friendly service. Packaged securely, with lots of care to ensure it arrived safely. Thanks so much!
    I saved my Tilly 2 years ago & did not plan on having another pet after my Kelli. I help save feral cats, do TNR to keep feral colonies down. The area I live is high crime it seems alot of pets are dumped etc. and in Nov. 2021 a female feral(Whitey) I believe brought 3 month old now Tilly to me. Tilly ran to my foot and I could not give her up. It seems Tuxedo cats are definately diffetent and she is very, very testy🐈‍⬛. She tore up Catit fountain after awhile & I wanted USA product. I can't even begin to express how pleased I am with ThirstyCat! I am so grateful for you all and all you do, your craftmanship and super help when I called. Yes Jackie thank you so much! My Miss Tilly is using her new fountain thank goodness. I just did not want to worry😿 so much about her not hydrating and am happy she is drinking. You all are great and glad I found you💙
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