The Most Expensive Cat Fountain You Can Buy (Nearly)
Is A ThirstyCat Fountain;

The Most Economical Cat Fountain You Can Buy (Definitely)

Is A ThirstyCat Fountain

A ThirstyCat Fountain is an investment

– in your cats’ health and happiness, in your peace of mind  and in the beauty of your environment. The initial cost of a ThirstyCat fountain is more than most but because it lasts a lifetime, in the long term a ThirstyCat fountain is the most economical cat fountain you can buy. To Learn More, Read On.

Long Lasting

  • With reasonable care a Thirstycat Fountain lasts essentially forever and is warranted for life. They don’t fade, wear, colonize bacteria, discolor, become brittle, fall apart or cause any of the other issues that plague most cat fountain brands which have to be thrown away after only a short time. They last a lifetime. No others do. This is because they are made by hand of high fire ceramics. No other cat fountain is.
  • Our carbon filters have sixty times more carbon than the average commercial fountain and last six months, not three weeks, and our foam pre-filters last as long as a year or more, so you save greatly on filtration costs.
  • A ThirstyCat fountain is 100% food safe. Each fountain is made by hand and glazed with in-house glazes. We know what goes into our fountains and we ensure their quality and healthfulness. This helps keep your cat away from the Vet – which saves enormously.
  • A ceramic ThirstyCat fountain does not harbor bacteria as do low-fire (porous) ceramic fountains, all plastic and most stainless steel fountains, so does not cause chin acne, does not require bleach and hours of cleaning and become repellent to your cats. You save time and trouble.
  • Cats love ThirstyCat Fountains. They visit them often, hang out by them and very many cats will let you know their displeasure if you take the fountain away for cleaning and will encourage you to hurry up and put it back.
  • And all the while you and your cats are being rewarded with all those benefits, you are also enjoying the beauty and satisfaction a work of ceramic art gives, that happens also to be about the best thing you can give to your cats. Veterinarians recommended ThirstyCat fountains by name and many keep our brochures in their clinics.
  • The fact is, cats need high quality fountains and there is no more healthful, longer lasting, easier to clean or more attractive cat fountain on the planet than a ThirstyCat Fountain. Yes, you pay more upfront. But please read below, a few of the testimonials our customers freely left. Like them you’ll realize you made an excellent and economically responsible choice.
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