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Stainless Steel Cat Fountains Vs. ThirstyCats Ceramic Cat Fountains

There seems to be some confusion about which material is better for cat fountains. This [...]

Cat Fountain Filters

Do cat fountains need filters? If they do, what kind are best, and what exactly [...]

Chin Acne in Cats

Chin Acne In Cats The Causes of Cat Chin Acne – A potential customer (now [...]

Cats & Environmental Stress

Problems in Behavior – If our cats are exhibiting a behavioral problem, it is not [...]

Wabi Sabi In Handmade Creations

‘Handmade’ means something and it means something important: At the simplest level it means an [...]

Whats Firing at ThirstyCats

The Glazing Twice a week we at ThirstyCats load the glaze kiln with bisqued-ware to [...]

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