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Wabi Sabi In Handmade Creations

‘Handmade’ means something and it means something important: At the simplest level it means an [...]

Ceramic Art For Home Decor

Unique Ceramic Art For Home Decor Rare In The World OF Cat Fountains We present [...]

Cat Fountains Made In the USA

Cat fountains made in the US. Does that mean anything to people? Does it matter [...]

Mold-made vs Handmade Ceramic Cat Fountains

Mold-made Vs. Handmade. What Are The Differences And Do They Matter? Mold-made Ceramic Cat Fountains [...]

Piazza Fountains

A Lot Goes Into The Creation Of A Piazza. Click To See How It’s Done.

Creating the Piazza Fountain

How We Create The Piazzas For ThirstyCat Fountains Our Piazza Design Center Pieces Are Made [...]

ThirstyCat Fountains