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Cat Fountain Filters

Do cat fountains need filters? If they do, what kind are best, and what exactly [...]

Quiet Cat Fountain of The Highest Quality

Quiet Cat Fountain How do you define ‘quiet’ as in “quiet cat fountain”? Certainly you [...]

Mold-made vs Handmade Ceramic Cat Fountains

Mold-made Vs. Handmade. What Are The Differences And Do They Matter? Mold-made Ceramic Cat Fountains [...]

Why Good, Cheap Cat Fountains Are Neither

Cheap Is Expensive When shopping it’s so tempting to check the sticker price, do a [...]

How to Choose A Cat Fountain Size

Choosing a Cat Fountain size We receive quite a few calls at ThirstyCats from people [...]

Cheap Cat Fountains Are Not Cheap

Your Cheap Fountain is Going to Cost You a Lot Here’s what you need to [...]

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