Certified, 100% Food Safe, Handmade In Cambridge, New York - Ceramic Cat Fountains We make each fountain to last a lifetime, completely by hand including our glazes so we can insure their quality and safety.

Give yourself the quality,  the beauty and the luxury of an elegant ThirstyCat Fountain. Enjoy the Best.

You, and your cats, will be so glad you did – for many years to come.

All fountains come with everything needed. Fill with water, plug in and delight your household.



best cat water fountains
Thirstycats is the only cat fountain to receive The International Cat Association’s highly prized Endorsement of Excellence

 A Little Of How We Came To Be

ThirstyCats  was founded in 2010 in response to the need for a high quality cat fountain that was food safe, easy to clean, and attractive. Nearly all, if not all other pet fountains were at that time and for the most part still are cheaply made of unsafe materials, do not last, are difficult to clean and are not attractive. Thirstycat Fountains is now considered by cat owners and cat fountain makers everywhere to be the gold standard of cat fountains.

We of ThirstyCat Fountains continuously strive to create the safest, easiest to maintain and most beautiful cat fountains worldwide – an endeavor which we are continually expanding upon. We welcome visitors to our studio and everyone is encouraged to call with any questions you may have. 518-677-3225 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, Eastern Time.

cats drinking water from a fountain


Did you know that many veterinarians recommend giving cats a drinking fountain as the single most healthful thing you can to for your pet?