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Expensive Cat Fountains

The Most Expensive Cat Fountain You Can Buy (Nearly)Is A ThirstyCat Fountain; The Most Economical [...]

How to Choose A Cat Fountain Size

Choosing a Cat Fountain size We receive quite a few calls at ThirstyCats from people [...]

Cat Fountains Without Filters

Cat Fountains & Filters Cat Fountains Without Filters Many people ask about running their cat [...]

How Do Cat Fountains Work and are Electric Cat Fountains Safe?

How Do Cat Fountains Work & Are They Safe? Two questions that frequently arise concerning cat [...]

Pet Fountain Cost – Why So Expensive?

Why Are Pet Fountains So Expensive? First, let’s distinguish between the manufactured kind , which [...]

Are Cat Fountains Worth It?

Are Cat Fountains Worth It? They certainly can be, with the right choices made, but [...]

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