Cat Fountain Videos

Jake is enjoying his new fountain less than 24 hours after I received it.

Monkey loves his new ThirstyCat Fountain. We have three, to avoid cat spats about territory. Doesn't he look like he enjoyed his drink?

He loves his new fountain~! Here's to good health and hydration <3 (A note from ThirstyCats - If you want quiet, the volume can be much lower.)

Irene's Chick-Chick

This is Felix. He is almost 8 years old and he loves this fountain.  

Nemo loves running water. Now he has his own fountain rather than a sink to drink from.

All three cats enjoy the fountain

Nora loves her Thirsty Cat Fountain!

I have two cats, this is Paul, and he loves his fountain! Both of them do. I’ve never seen my babies drink this much water! Very high quality fountain that I would recommend to anyone who wants the best of the best for their cat’s health.

I received my bowl today.Immediately he went to it and started drinking out of it.

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