Cat Fountain Videos From Customers

Misty enjoying her fountain!

This is day one of having the fountain. Agnes took to it right away.

Strider, my 7 month old kitten, loves his fountain and I enjoy listening to it.

New fountain just got in and Milly is loving it already

Diane is a formal feral who is now lives indoors. We recently moved one of our fountains to a higher location (antique washstand) and she absolutely loves its new location. She likes to sit on the washstand and monopolize the fountain. (You can hear MaryAnne tattling in the background.)

I’ve had two of my ThirstyCat fountains for almost a year now & they’re still lovely, calming, and encourage my kitties to drink more. I clean the fountains 1-2 times a week and I really think my cats enjoy the fresh, running water. I’ve never seen Kali drink from the flower stream but the fountain base is plenty wide enough to drink from without whisker fatigue. Still one of my favor pet purchases!

This is just one of many Thirsty Cat Fountains in our house. Xena has her own and I have mine. I am a 15 pound Lynxpointe Siamese/Maine Coon and my large face required a large fountain to accommodate it so, my mom ordered this one and I love it. When I am not quenching my thirst, I am enjoy watching the bubbles and the water trickling down.

The Fountain of Paradise

I have 4 cats, but Amethyst is the original reason I bought two Thirsty Cat fountains nine years ago. She loves to wash her paws in her water dish as well as slide the dish across the floor to watch the water slosh out. 🙀 She can't move these fountains, though she has tried. She will be 9 on July 23.

Jake is enjoying his new fountain less than 24 hours after I received it.

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