Cat Fountain Videos

Some of how we make our fountains

Stream Fountains

Cat fountains with streams are great, not only for longhair cats but for the very many cats who seem to demand a stream - they want the faucet turned on or they jump into the tub for the running, falling water or on to the sink when you go near it. This video presents a variety of stream cat fountains.

Bubble-up Cat Fountains

Bubble-up fountains are great for short hair cats. We make a great many designs of this type of fountain, many with glazed carvings, all done by hand.

A video from a customer.

  "I will absolutely send a video if I can catch him drinking from the fountain! He often does— just not on camera!" Dara H.

Customer Video

A longhair cat loving her flower fountain

Customer Video

"Ren, my 1 year old Devon Rex, enjoying a drink from his fountain."

Customer Video

"Beebe LOVES her ThirstyCat Fountain!!!"

From customer Roberta Miller

A variety of our designs - to music

A multiple stream fountains makes a great place for cats to congregate.