Cat Fountain Videos

Nala loves the fountain, and it's beautiful too! She used to stick her paw into the old plastic fountain. But with this, she drinks right from the spout and it stays clean. 5 stars.

Millie May loves her new fountain!! Thank you so much!

Our 2nd (custom ordered)ThirstyCat fountain was delivered last night & as you can see, my thirsty cat loves it.

My cat has never had a water fountain before so please excuse his inexperience here, it’s his first day 🙂 He will be drinking from it in no time! The fountain exceeded my expectations, it is absolutely beautiful. I was fretting about whether I should get a bubble-up or a stream fountain since my cat has never had one before so I went with the bubble-up and added a cat tap so we could try both options. The tap can easily be removed if he doesn’t care for the stream but I adore the way it looks and I don’t think he minds it. I will definitely be placing an order for a custom fountain with ThirstyCats next week for my other cat.

I was worried my cats wouldn’t use this fountain. However, this is the most I’ve ever seen them drink water and I’m so happy for my purchase.

So incredibly happy with my purchase. My babies love this fountain as much as I do.

This is my beloved 18 year old Alice. She is definitely drinking more water since we have our ThirstyCat Fountain. Videobomb compliments of Bellatrix.

This is Monkey, lounging by, and possibly guarding, our ThirstyCat Fountain. He enjoys it aesthetically as much as I do!

Sweet, shy, Bellatrix loves her ThirstyCat Fountain, and I love seeing her drink more water.

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