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These listings are for cat water fountain foam filters and carbon filters and antimicrobial copper add-on’s which turn your bubble-up fountains into stream fountains while adding to the beauty of the fountain and to your home. Choose from our Downflow Cat Tap or our Serenity Flow. Both are easily adjustable and can be swapped in and out with the straight antimicrobial spout which comes with every bubble-up cat water fountain. We also make an antimicrobial copper Waterleaf which is hand-wrought from annealed 99.9% pure copper and tested for a lovely, non-splashing stream . The Downflow, the Serenity and the Waterleaf are antimicrobial, meaning they are beneficial for your cats,  and all our Cat Taps and the Waterleaf are custom made to fit a particular fountain and can be made for a fountain that has already shipped. (We simply build it to another fountain of the same dimensions as yours. We can do this because we keep detailed records of every cat water fountain we ship).

SHIPPING is included in the price. Filters purchased without a fountain will ship via USPS.

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