Stainless Steel Cat Fountains Vs. ThirstyCats Ceramic Cat Fountains

stainless steel cat fountain

There seems to be some confusion about which material is better for cat fountains. This article will dispel some of that uncertainty by clarifying the positive and negative attributes of stainless steel and ceramic as used in cat fountains.   First it should be known that both ceramic and stainless steel are far better than […]

Chin Acne in Cats

chin acne

Chin Acne In Cats The Causes of Cat Chin Acne – A potential customer (now a customer) contacted us recently wanting to know if our filtration had what her current fountain had: a prefilter for preventing cat hair, etc. from entering the pump (it does); a carbon filter (ours do for those who want it, […]

Wabi Sabi In Handmade Creations

‘Handmade’ means something and it means something important: At the simplest level it means an individual or individuals put their efforts, their attention and brought their skills into the creation of the product from start to finish, (as opposed to machinery made.) But just because a product is handmade doesn’t mean it is a quality product. […]

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