The Ins and Outs of Cat Doors

cat door

Should You Install a Cat Door For Your Cat? Cat Door Placement For Indoor Use Before we dive into the helpful advice on installing cat doors, it’s important to evaluate your specific situation wisely. Cat doors are certainly a popular and convenient door for you and your feline for various reasons; not all of them […]

How to Choose a Cat Water Fountain

There are several important factors to consider when choosing a cat water fountain In order to ensure your cats, and you, are exceedingly happy with it. One set of these factors has to do with the physical and temperamental nature of your cats, the other has to do with your preferences and your home. For example some […]

Best Cat Fountains

best cat fountains

Best Cat Fountains What does ‘Best’ mean as in, the best cat fountain or the best pet fountain? According to Merrium-Webster ‘Best’ means “excelling all others”. Given that definition its pretty remarkable how many cat fountain sellers proclaim that theirs is the best, or “here are the 8 best” or “the 25 best.”  When you […]

Tired of Cleaning Slime From Your Plastic Pet Fountain?

Cleaning A Slimy Plastic Pet Fountain The technical term for the slime that inevitably builds up in plastic pet fountains is biofilm. It comes from your pets’ mouth and tongue which contain bacteria that adhere to the surfaces of vessels they drink or eat from. Thorough cleaning with hot, soapy water will get rid of […]