How Full Should My Cat Fountain Be?

…A customer called recently, perplexed that her No-spout Piazza fountain didn’t pump the water all the way up into the Piazza basin any more. The water would come part way up and stop. This was strange as we knew her fountain to have the best possible and a very robust pump. She had had the […]

Why Good, Cheap Cat Fountains Are Neither

When shopping it’s so tempting to check the sticker price, do a quick compare of the products and choose the cheapest one. Or maybe the middle price. Sometimes that works. And all too often it is such a mistake. There is a reason for the phrase, ‘you get what you pay for’. Because most of […]

Bubble-up Cats & Their Fountains

All cats, it seems, love bubble-up fountains. We know this from the many comments, images and videos customers have shared with us. This is probably because these fountains, with their low and very quiet upward stream of water (which can be turned quite high), gently attract cats  and they are very easy for the cats […]

How Submersible Pumps Work

SUBMERSIBLE CAT FOUNTAIN PUMPS Though very simple, people not acquainted with a submersible pump may not know just how they operate. This post addresses that. All cat water fountains contain a submersible aquarium pump, and as the name suggest, the pump is meant to be submersed in water. Run outside of water it will eventually […]