Beautiful Cat Water Fountains

Beautiful Cat Water Fountains And Why Yours Should Be Don’t just buy a cat water fountain, buy a beautiful cat water fountain. Consider the benefits: A perfectly functioning cat fountain you and your cats will love (they actually appreciate quality too.) No biofilm buildup Not only wonderful to see but the easiest to clean (four […]

Three Choices For Ceramic Cat Water Fountains

Ceramic Cat Fountains Three Choices For Ceramic Cat Fountains When it comes to ceramic cat water fountains there are three basic choices: Mold-made abroad (mostly in China), mold-made in the United States and Handmade in the United States. Here we examine each of these options in turn. First is Mold-made (mostly in China). Mold-made means […]

Quiet Cat Fountain of The Highest Quality

Quiet Cat Fountain How do you define ‘quiet’ as in “quiet cat fountain”? Certainly you mean no pump noise. We of ThirstyCats consider pump noise to be completely unacceptable and we test every pump before and after we install it. There are though some brands of cat fountains and pet fountains in which the pump […]