Wabi Sabi In Handmade Creations

‘Handmade’ means something and it means something important: At the simplest level it means an individual or individuals put their efforts, their attention and brought their skills into the creation of the product from start to finish, (as opposed to machinery made.) But just because a product is handmade doesn’t mean it is a quality product. […]

Whats Firing at ThirstyCats

The Glazing Twice a week we at ThirstyCats load the glaze kiln with bisqued-ware to which we’ve just applied glazes. A day later we open the kiln and behold the transformation that 2200° F over a period of about 12 hours makes. The top and bottom images to the right are mirror images of one […]

Ceramic Developments

Ceramic Developments – Historically and at ThirstyCats In the most basic terms possible, pottery is the process and result of shaping clay into forms and heating it to a high enough temperature to cause the molecular particles to bind together and form a unified structure. That solidifying temperature varies with the clay used. Earthenware is […]

ThirstyCat Fountains