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Chin Acne in Cats

Chin Acne In Cats The Causes of Cat Chin Acne – A potential customer (now [...]

Cats & Environmental Stress

Problems in Behavior – If our cats are exhibiting a behavioral problem, it is not [...]

Hairballs In Cats

Hairballs In Cats – What Are They? That ball or tubular shaped wad of hair [...]

Ceramic Cat Fountains

Veterinarian J. Eichenberg tells us: “Many cat owners are not even aware of the existence [...]

Why Good, Cheap Cat Fountains Are Neither

Cheap Is Expensive When shopping it’s so tempting to check the sticker price, do a [...]


Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a previously fatal viral disease caused by a strain of [...]

ThirstyCat Fountains