Flat-Faced Cats’ Drinking Fountain Designs

cat drinking fountain

Flat Faced (smushed faced) Cats’ Drinking Fountain Designs There are several breeds of flat-faced cats popular in the US and they all face a specific though hardly overwhelming challenge when drinking. Flat Faced Cat Breeds Flat-faced cats need a particular design of drinking fountain that will keep their whiskers dry and prevent them from crimping. […]

Ornamenting the Center Pieces of our Cat Fountains

  Today we are all a inured to ornamented ceramic-ware mass produced in China and elsewhere. As they became ubiquitous, we became desensitized to the relatively few hand ornamented ceramic pieces made in America. Our work, which is not even close to some of the most beautiful hand-painted ceramics from many other sources in this […]

How To Evaluate Any Cat Fountain

There are several criteria by which it is useful to evaluate any cat fountain you are considering purchasing. Below is a list of several of the more important. At the bottom of the page is a link to reviews and videos of some of the better known brands of cat fountains. Food Safeness (this has […]