Maine Coon Cat Breed

maine coon

The Maine Coon Cat –  The Maine Coon is considered to be one of the first truly American cats though true origins are quite confused and theories abound. Said by some to have been the cats of Marie Antoinette brought over on the ship of Captain Clough to Wiscasset Maine. Some say it was Captain […]

Fountain Water Sounds

water sounds

This chart shows the various sound levels of various activities measured in Decibels, expressed as dB. Fountain water sounds vary enormously from absolutely silent to intolerably loud. These varying levels are measured in terms of decibels.  Regarding Bubble-up fountains, they can be absolutely silent or make gentle, small brook-like sounds depending on the volume setting. […]

Ragdoll (Floppycats) Cats

Ragdoll cats, also called ‘floppycats’ have an interesting story behind them which many discount, others do not. It goes like this: A woman in Southern California had a pregnant cat, Josephene, who was injured in a car accident and when the kittens were born they all exhibited this incredibly relaxed condition. This story is often […]