Why Bottled or Purified Water May Not Be A Healthy Choice for Cats

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Is Bottled Or Purified Water Best For Our Cats? We naturally think that by providing our cats with the purest water possible we are doing the very best possible thing in helping our cats to stay healthy. That is, healthful water = healthy cats. The premise is sound – if we can keep the water […]

Cat Water Fountains Without Filters

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Cat Water Fountains Without Filters Many people ask about running their cat fountains without filters. Before addressing the use of cat fountains without filters, an explanation of the filters cat water fountains use is in order. Virtually every brand of cat water fountain comes with filtration devices. There is both mechanical filtration and chemical filtration. […]

How Do Cat Water Fountains Work and are Electric Cat Water Fountains Safe?

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How Do Cat Water Fountains Work And Are They Safe? Two questions that frequently arise concerning cat water fountains are; How do cat fountains work?  And, Are electric cat water fountains safe? This article, along with the accompanying videos, answers both these questions. Fountain Pumps Almost all cat water fountains contain a submersible aquarium pump, […]

Why Are Pet Fountains So Expensive?

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Why Are Pet Fountains So Expensive? First, let’s distinguish between the manufactured kind , which comprise over 95% of the pet fountains available, and the handmade kind. To our knowledge there is only one company dedicated solely to the creation of handmade cat fountains and pet fountains and that is ThirstyCat Fountains, author of this […]

Are Cat Fountains Worth It?

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Are Cat Fountains Worth It? The answer to this may depend upon what you mean by ‘worth it’. If you mean – do they contribute to your cats’ health, then yes, they are worth it. If you ask, are they economical, are they time saving or are they an investment you won’t regret, the answer […]

Pairing Cat Fountain Center Pieces and Bowls

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There are several components to every cat fountain, the most obvious of which are the center pieces or ‘pump covers’ and the fountain bowls. How those are combined – that is, which bowl gets what center piece, is the subject of this article. There are several factors that must be taken into consideration when matching […]