Negative Ions & Indoor Fountains

Indoor Fountains Provide Negative Ions which are actually really positive. Many of us have experienced the immediate health benefits of walking on the beach or standing beneath a waterfall but do you know why you feel so good? Those positive feelings may be created by more than just the beautiful surroundings: Consider negative ions. What […]

Cat Fight

Woke up this morning (about 4:30) to the sound of a cat fight. It was my “artist not a fighter” Bijou in our back yard facing off a large black cat never seen before. The scene was savage.  Screaming, howling, battling, tearing into one another. I could just see from the vantage of my bedroom […]

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Consider Adopting a Shelter Cat Deciding to have a cat is a more important decision than many people realize, which is why there are so many cats in shelters, millions of which are killed annually in the United States. Their owners didn’t know what they were getting into. Nor what they were getting their new […]