Cats’ Water Source

It is widely known among veterinarians and cat behaviorists that the worst possible place for your cats’ water bowl is near their food. (Actually, the very worst would be near the food in the same room as the litter box). Instinctively cats prefer to find their water source some place other than near their food […]

Structure in the Garden

Every garden lacking some form of structural component also lacks balance. This is simply because when the eye has only foliage and blossom to absorb with no solid elements upon which to rest it becomes weary and looks around for something more tangible upon which to light. Too much foliage or even an abundance of […]

Negative Ions & Indoor Fountains

Indoor Fountains Provide Negative Ions which are actually really positive. Many of us have experienced the immediate health benefits of walking on the beach or standing beneath a waterfall but do you know why you feel so good? Those positive feelings may be created by more than just the beautiful surroundings: Consider negative ions. What […]