ThirstyCats Fountains was founded in 2009 by Keith Davitt & Jackie McKannay in the hamlet of Cambridge, NY, a charming and artist endowed village with a population of 2,000.

ThirstyCat StudiosInitially devoted to making indoor ceramic fountains for home decor, they soon discovered their cat, Bijou using them far more than he ever did a water bowl. A Google search for ‘cat fountains’ revealed that feline hydration is a major problem as cats crave moving water. Because many cats don’t get moving water many don’t drink enough and this gives rise to numerous and serious ailments. They also saw that nearly all available cat fountains were of plastic, caused chin acne and most were quite unattractive.

Jackie and Keith realized the need for a high quality, food safe, attractive cat water fountain and ThirstyCat Fountains was born, initially run from their basement. Through a great deal of serendipity they moved to a commercial space in town which after two years they outgrew and by yet more serendipity were invited to relocate where they now are, at Varak Park in the Victorian Building only blocks from their home. Over the years an excellent crew has grown around them.  Together they all perform all the work necessary, and which is considerable, in the creation of what they strive to have be the most beautiful and highest quality cat fountains worldwide.

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We believe most people would be astonished to find how complex an organization dedicated to making cat fountains can be. For a little more insight into this, you might want to visit our Studio page.

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