ThirstyCat Fountains endeavors to create the most durable, most food-safe, easiest to clean and most beautiful cat fountains worldwide – and in the long term, the least expensive.

ThirstyCat Studios
This Victorian Building Houses our ThirstyCat Fountains Studio on the 2nd Floor.

We began ThirstyCats in 2008, formally opened our online presence February, 2010 and have worked each day since not just to bring you the worlds highest quality cat fountain but to provide you with exceptional customer service as well.

We have always been and remain as dedicated to your happiness with our fountains as we have been and are with the quality of our fountains. If you have a problem with your cat fountain, (and it does happen, though not common), it is our problem, and we will work until a perfect resolution is achieved. Often a phone call is all it takes to find the solution to an issue, so call us and speak to a real live person who built your fountain. If you have questions we encourage you to ask them, before, during or after the purchase. Please see what our customers have to say about ThirstyCats.

Cat Fountain Designed For Longhairs and Faucet Lovers

Our fountains are created completely by hand, one by one from start to finish and we make our own glazes from scratch to be able to insure their food-safeness. A ThirstyCat fountain is built to last a lifetime and though the initial cost is higher than most, in the long term our fountains are the least expensive you can buy. Please click the link to learn about our superior and very long lasting filtration.

With a half a long lifetime of personally living with and caring for cats and more than a decade of catering to them, we know cats and have designs for every type and temperament. Anyone who has cats in their life knows how different they can be from one another. So do we, and we have styles to suit them all, be they long or short hair, aggressive or timid, curious or sedate or old or juvenile or anywhere between, we create fountains perfectly suited to your cats and which will harmonize with your home décor.