easy to clean cat fountain

Easy To Clean Cat Water Fountains Are Remarkably Hard To Come By.

An Easy To Clean Cat Water Fountain

Is hard to find simply because there are so many mass-produced cat fountains which are notorously difficult to clean (in spite of the manufacturers’ claims). An easy to clean cat fountain must first of all be made of a material that isn’t porous so doesn’t provide a surface biofilm can easily colonize. Plastic is porous, as opposed to glazed ceramics such as porcelain and stoneware. Glaze is a glass and is impervious.


High-fired glazed ceramic doesn’t become scratched, as plastic does. Bacteria thrive in small, moist environments which a scratched plastic pet fountain so abundantly provides. Ceramic remains always easy to clean  with only warm soapy water and a sponge, especially if glazed with  extremely smooth, high-fire glazes, provided those glazes are food safe, as all ThirstyCat Fountain glazes are.

An Easy To Clean Cat Fountain

Is also the safest cat fountain, not only because of the material it is made of but because of how it is made. A hard to clean cat fountain has a complicated design with numerous corners and crevices nearly impossible to scrub thoroughly and those crannies make great homes in which harmful bacteria thrive, posing abundant health risks, such as chin acne, for your cat. 


Note the cleaning equipment sold with any particular brand of cat fountain. If it is comprised of several brushes you know you are buying a fountain with a complicated construction which will be very difficult to clean. A cat water fountain that is easy to clean has a design that is fairly simple and does not have lots of corners, nooks and crevices so harmful bacteria are not at all a threat,leaving you free of worry.

Above is a video showing how to clean a ThirstyCat Fountain.


We absolutely love the cat fountain. It's a work of art as well as a source of joy for our cat, Jackson. The fountain is really beautiful, with deep blue glaze and ruffly spout, it would look wonderful anywhere. Beautiful and low maintenance, the water in the fountain stays clean and clear and cleaning the fountain is a breeze. Thirsty Cat Fountains is an amazing company; they are an absolute pleasure to work with, they create a wonderful product, and take pride in their work and relationship with customers.!"
Happy Customer
Cat Mom
"I own 4 Thirsty Cat Fountains-several are over 5 years old and appear brand new-and will purchase another soon. They are made of quality materials and entice the felines to drink water more often. Furthermore, they are easy to clean and maintain. TCF customer service is awesome. There are many cat fountains for sale and the majority of them are comprised of cheap, toxic materials. I will always select Thirsty Cat over them all. Myles T."
Miles T.
Happy Customer
"I researched online for a cat fountain that would be easy to keep clean and found ThirstyCat Fountains. Not only does it live up to its claim of easy to maintain, but it's absolutely beautiful and extremely quiet (in fact, mine doesn't make a sound). My kitty loves it and drinks from it all the time. So glad I found you, ThirstyCat!!"
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Happy Customer
"I have 2 lovely cats who just love to drink in the fountain and they do it often. Today I have taken a picture of one of the 2. I have the fountain since September 2018. Easy to clean. The water is always clear. The sound is beautiful and keeps the water alive! For me it is a piece of Art and that is the bonus!"
Anita C.
Happy Customer

Cat fountains are now known to be, not a luxury, but an essential component to a cats life and health.  Cats crave moving water and need to drink abundantly. Fountains encourage this. And of course, those fountains should be of the highest quality available. Don’t waste time and money on a poor quality fountain. Purchase an easy to clean cat water fountain for your wonderful pets. You’ll be glad you did and so will your cats.

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