This chart shows the various sound levels of various activities measured in Decibels, expressed as dB.

Fountain water sounds vary enormously from absolutely silent to intolerably loud. These varying levels are measured in terms of decibels. 

Regarding Bubble-up fountains, they can be absolutely silent or make gentle, small brook-like sounds depending on the volume setting.

Concerning Stream Fountains only: There are four components that determine how loud a fountain will sound (water sounds). In addition, these are the same factors that determine the character of the sound. Assuming the pump settings (volume control) to be the same on all fountains, these factors, in combination with one another where possible, will make the fountain more or less loud and affect the character of the sound:

  • How many streams are falling. More streams make more sounds. 
  • How thick is the stream, and how turbulent. A narrow or turbulent stream creates a higher pitched, more frenetic sound and sounds louder. 
  • What is the water falling onto (into). If into deep water it will have a lower vibration; into water just above the center piece base it will have a lighter and higher sound and onto the base of the center piece it will be nearly silent. Some of this you can control.
  • How far is the water falling. A short stream is quieter than a longer stream.

So to sum – the most water sounds will come from the Stream fountain with the most, thin streams falling the furthest distance into deep or shallow water. The quietest Stream fountain will have one, broad stream falling a short distance. 

Please Note: As the above chart indicates, the volume of sound is measured in decibles. The readings given below were taken by a dB Meter.

This is a medium-loud cat fountain with four streams. The streams fall a good distance but the sound level is not very high. This is because the streams are smooth – not turbulent, and they fall at the base of the center piece which also diminshes the water sounds.

3 – 18 dB

The purpose of this video is to show how silent and how loud a raised bubble-up can be. Almost all raised bubble-up fountains can be completely silent, not all can have as much water sounds as this Ebony Piazza has.

0 – 14 dB

You can run a bubble-up essentially silently (you’re cat will hear it), or with considerable burbling sounds.

0 – 7 dB

Notice that this fountain is louder than the first fountain shown with four spouts though the water isn’t falling nearly as far and there are only two streams. That is owing to the turbulence of the second stream. The first is silent.

3 – 13 dB

The Flying Fish has an abundant stream which makes a gentler pouring sound rather than a trickling sound.

3 – 10 dB

Two, somewhat turbulent streams give this Sea Blossom fountain considerable water sounds, though mitigated by where the water is landing (watering?). On a lower setting they will be less.

3 – 8 dB

Notice how the sound is a little louder and slightly more ‘harsh’ owing to the more turbulent streams.

3 – 8 dB

The Serenity Flow can be silent or can give some pleasant water sounds when the volume is turned up. Where the stream lands is more important than how far it shoots.

0 – 6 dB

Here we have a very quiet Serenity Flow. Almost all bubble up fountains can take either a Serenity Flow or a Downflow, which are also silent.

0 – 6 dB

Spray nozzles can provide quite a bit of sound.

1 – 18 dB

This is another 2 strean with considerable water sounds. If the fountain bowl were filled up higher the sound would diminish.

3 – 10 dB