The British Short Hair

is one of the many gifts the Romans bequeathed upon the Iles of Great Britain. He was a rough and tumble street cat for ever but his rodent controll abilities and his teddy bear looks and thick, plush coat got him indoors where he has served the roles of beloved pet and working cat for centuries.

Most commonly seen as the ‘Blue’ the British Short hair comes in pretty much all the colors other cats have which comprises an amazingly long list including” white, chocolate, cream, lilac, black, silver, red and more, and in a variety of marking paterns.

british shorthair

Physical attributes of the British Shorthair

Physically the British Short hair is a bit like a wrestler with a stocky, compact and powerful body and short neck. It’s head is large and round. It’s fur is not like other cats in that it feels solid and you push your fingers into it like it’s a thick, plush carpet. These are not delicate cats and in fact are known for their robust vigour and health.

Personality traits of the British Shorthair

Sedate is one word that comes to mind when contemplating the nature of this cat. They are quiet, understated, undemanding  and very independant as if saying, “oh don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” At the same time they are very affectionate and loyal, to an entire family, not only to one member. Though initially shy they soon come to demonstrate their devotion.

If you like the look of the British Shorthair and you don’t need your cat to keep you continually entertained you can go wrong with this fine creature who has everything most people want in a cat with none of the trauma inducing traits.

British Short Hair Breeders

The British Shorthair likes all designs of fountains such as those shown below.
british shorthair

Being a shorthair the British Short hair doesn’t need a stream or raised bubble-up fountain, however he may well have a preference in those directions. If he asks to have the faucet turned on or jumps into the shower it is quite possible that yours is one of the many who really want a stream of water. Otherwise, any of our handmade fountains would be cettain to bring contentment to your British Shorthair cat. VIEW OUR CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOUNTAINS HERE.v

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