18 Breeds Of The h2o cat

h2o cat

Is yours an h2o cat? What, you ask, is an h2o cat? A water cat. A cat who loves water and believe it, there are a number of breeds said to be very drawn to water, not simply to drink, but to play and even swim in. In our research we have discovered eighteen breeds said to be h2o cats and here they are:

  1. Turkish Van
  2. Turkish Angora
  3. Maine Coon
  4. Egyptian Mau
  5. Highlander
  6. Japanese Bobtail
  7. Abyssinian
  8. Kurilian Bobtail
  9. Norwegian Forest Cat
  10. Manx
  11. Bengal
  12. American Bobtail
  13. Savannah
  14. Sphynx
  15. British Shorthair
  16. Siamese
  17. Burmese
  18. Selkirk Rex
h2o cat

Many Cat Are Drawns To Water

Regardless of the notion many of us have that cats hate water, many cats, in fact, like to swim, play with or just be around and in water.

And what good is knowing that? Well, one thing, this might explain peculiar behavior such as slapping the water in his fountain around, pushing the bowl to watch the water move, batting at the faucet water or climbing into the tub.

Having an h2o cat also provides the opportunity for making your cat a happy cat and providing you some entertainment. You might want to give him an extra container of water in addition to his fountain, not to drink from but to play with. (You’ll probably want a mat under it). Or put his fountain under a mat if he shows an inclination to play with it as well as drink from it.

Below is a video of h2o cats.

If your cat is an h20 cat and you want to give her a fountain you might find our Bubble-up fountains the safest bet but don’t rule out stream fountains either. They can be lots of fun.

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