Choosing a Cat Water Fountain – reject plastic

When it comes to choosing a water fountain for cats the abundance of choices is dizzying. Do a search for ‘cat water fountains amazon’ and you are immediately assaulted by a plethora of shiny object each claiming to be the best cat fountain, the quietest cat water fountain, the safest, etc. Without exception they are all made in China and about 95% of them are all or largely made of plastic.

Since most people know by now that plastic is the worst material for your pet to drink or eat from if you rule that option out the field narrows considerably.

water fountains for cats
water fountains for cats
water fountains for cats

Shiny plastic objects calling themselves water fountains for cats

water fountains for cats
water fountains for cats
water fountains for cats

A few stainless steel options

Stainless Steel Water Fountain For Cats

Try ‘stainless steel water fountain for cats’ and about half a dozen or so fountains which are actually stainless steel come up along with non stainless steel cat fountains and cat fountains that are mostly stainless steel but which have a significant plastic component from which the water flows (thus defeating the purpose).

Ceramic Water Fountains For Cats

Try ‘ceramic cat water fountain’ and again you get around a half dozen of ceramic cat fountains. (One says it is made of porcelain and not ceramic. Apparently they don’t realize that porcelain is simply a specific kind of ceramic, just as stoneware is and earthenware is.) 

If you go stainless steel with no significant plastic parts you’re down to very few choices, with prices around $40 to $50, and if you search ceramic water fountain for cats you have several to choose from in a price range closer to $70. And some of these aren’t bad choices if you simply want a functional water fountain for your cat and you don’t mind the customer service (lack of, that is) that has become the standard these days, or the designs and the fact that they are mold-made mostly in China by the tens of thousands.

All of which is simply to say, when choosing a water fountain for cats you need to determine what are your most important criteria – what matters most? If it is cost, you’re in luck. There are lots of really cheap cat fountains for under $30, if you don’t mind risking the health and cleaning problems that inevitably accompanies a plastic cat fountain.


If what it is made of does matter to you, you can buy a stainless steel or ceramic water fountain for cats and you’ll have, (if you looked under the hood and chose well) a reasonably serviceable cat fountain for not a lot of money.

ceramic cat water fountains
water fountains for cats

Ceramic fountains for cats

And then there is ThirstyCat Fountains, creator of the the only completely handmade ceramic water fountain for cats available anywhere. The initial cost of a ThirstyCat Fountain is two to three times what you’ll pay for most other ‘ceramic’ cat fountains (there are some brands that sell their fountains for over $400), but in the long term a Thirstycat Fountain will save money because they last forever and don’t have frequent filter replacement. They are also 100% food safe and made in America, by hand, one at a time and created to bring beauty to your home as well as health to your cat and will save you enormously in vet bills.

Which brings us to the four primary reasons people choose ThirstyCat Fountains – quality of product (which includes food-safeness) Ease of maintenance, Customer Service and Beauty.

People who choose a ThirstyCat Fountain want something special for their cats and beautiful for their home. They want something they know they can rely on, is high quality and purchased from a source they know they can trust, who is always ready to assist them, before, during and after purchase, in person, live, on the phone and by email if you prefer.. Below are a few testimonials from our Customer Reviews page where you can read much more about the quality of a ThirstyCat water fountain for cats as well as about our customer service. You can also read more about that here.

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