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Cat fountains made in the US. Does that mean anything to people?

Does it matter if our cat fountains are made in the US? 

Do you or others really care about this or do people just want the cheapest cat fountain they can buy no matter that it is mass produced in some country with few or no regulations over quality or even safety of the product?

Well, yes, and yes. Taking the second first, many people do just want the cheapest cat fountain they can buy. All they need do is type in a browser; ‘cat water fountain amazon’, close their eyes and click anywhere on the screen and chances are they will have selected some slime making, disease causing, slick looking piece of plastic that calls itself the safest, easiest to clean, quietest cat fountain money can buy and it won’t take much of their money either. It also won’t be any of those things they say it is, but it will be made in China.

water fountains for cats
cat fountains made in US
cat fountains made in US

Above are three Chinese-made, mass produced cat Fountains and a Thirstycat fountain.

Cat Fountans Made In The USA means more than American made products.

Consider this. When was the last time you needed support for a foreign made product and were able to speak with the maker on the phone? Or even the seller for that matter? A previous lifetime ago perhaps? Or more realistically, never? 

Customer Service. It may not be priceless but it most certainly is of great value when the maker of a product and the owner of the shop will assist you with any issue you may have, before, during and after purchase, in a friendly, professional and completely knowledgable manner, on the phone. Read our Customer Reviews to see how we measure up in this respect. And that is because our cat fountains are made in the US, here where you live. We care about what we make for people and how we treat them. We’re here for you because were here with you and because we are proud of what we offer. How many cat fountain brands can say that?

But how is it that cat fountains made in the usa can be less expensive than mass produced cat fountans made in China? How can a ThirstyCat fountain over time be the least espensive? Besides the fact that they last a life time where plastic and other foreign made models are generally cheaply made and won’t last, there are other factors to consider. Our filtration for example: Our carbon filters (basically charcoal, produced here and many places) last 6 months, as compared to 3 weeks for most brands and our sponge filters (made in Massachusetts) last about a year whereas you are encouraged to purchase new filters every few weeks from other brands.

Are there other reasons for buying a hand-made, one-of-a-kind high-fired ceramic cat fountain made in the US from ThirstyCats?  How about being food safe? Does that matter? Once the vet bills start rolling in from treating chin acne and other ailments that torture your cat from cheaply made plastic cat water fountains it will. How about being easy to clean? No one enjoys spending a half hour or so laboriously scrubbing slime off their cat water fountain and trying to get into tight corners and having to resort to bleach. Read this to learn more.


And what about beauty? Does that matter? Certainly the mass produced models are quite slick looking but are they beautiful? There are some nice looking designs out there but look a little deeper. Their attractiveness is surface deep. They’re made in molds by the tens of thousands by machines. Beautiful, they are not. A beautiful cat water fountain requires skilled artists who care, who themselves need their work to be beautiful so they get to make beautiful things. That’s ThirstyCat Fountains.

ThirstyCat Fountains are not for everyone, we have always known that. Who are they for? People who look beyond the initial price tag, aren’t fooled by slick marketing and who understand that you do indeed get what you pay for.

We realize that we are a throwback – to a time when making junk was unthinkable for the maker and unacceptable to the public and no amount of slick marketing could cover up the injury and insult. To a time when earning a living was important but money was not what was most important and quality of product was. We are for people who understand that kind of  quality, who want the best for their cat and need beauty in their lives. And who appreciate having a cat fountain made in the USA.

Below are a sampling of the many 5 star reviews left by our customers and here is a link to more.

“We absolutely love the cat fountain. It’s a work of art as well as a source of joy for our cat, Jackson. The fountain is really beautiful, with deep blue glaze and ruffly spout, it would look wonderful anywhere. Beautiful and low maintenance, the water in the fountain stays clean and clear and cleaning the fountain is a breeze. Thirsty Cat Fountains is an amazing company; they are an absolute pleasure to work with, they create a wonderful product, and take pride in their work and relationship with customers.”

“We bought a thirsty cat fountain years ago & not only is it beautiful, but very functional and our 2 Siamese cats love it. Customer service has always been over and above, especially when the bowl was accidentally broken. They made me a new bowl that matched up perfectly with the rest of the fountain. I continue to order supplies for the fountain & they always arrive in a timely manner. This is a great company that stands behind everything they do, so rare to find these days! Love ThirstyCat Fountains and am a very happy customer.”

“I am so impressed by the quality of these products, and especially by the unparalleled customer services. These folks are very responsive to all questions and concerns. They know their products inside and out (because they make them), and it is clear how much pride they have in providing specific, detailed information about how to make their products work as efficiently as possible. That they take the time to create step-by-step instructions and videos for maintenance and repair, instead of pressuring people to buy replacements, shows the value of their workmanship. Highly recommend! Customer for life.”

“I own 4 Thirsty Cat Fountains-several are over 5 years old and appear brand new-and will purchase another soon. They are made of quality materials and entice the felines to drink water more often. Furthermore, they are easy to clean and maintain. TCF customer service is awesome. There are many cat fountains for sale and the majority of them are comprised of cheap, toxic materials. I will always select Thirsty Cat over them all.” Myles T


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