Handmade Lotus Spray Fountain

ThirstyCats creates many handmade designs of cat fountains which serve equally as well as indoor fountains for home decor and just plain personal enjoyment. Here is one such fountain. Our Pink Lotus Spray Fountain.

Handmade – Completely

Please note that the entirety of this fountain was made by hand. The fountain bowl and the base of the lotus were thrown on the wheel and the lotus built on top of the base completely from scratch. That is, each petal was formed by hand and built into a lovely lotus blossom. The spray nozzle was completely formed by hand and the spray holes positioned and dimensioned for perfect streams. The decorative Koi fish were also handmade and hand glaze-painted. Where can you go to find this quality of work – these handmade creations? The distant past, perhaps?

We all see the difference in Handmade

Though often overlooked, the truth is we all greatly appreciate the beauty and quality that often is exhibited in handmade work. We know the difference and many of us look back with longing on previous epochs when everything was made by hand. We miss the quality, the trueness and integrity of hand built objects. Clearly, we at ThirstyCats still cleave to this aesthetic and practice it throughout all our creating of cat fountains. Since we began creating fountains virtually every brand of mass produced cat fountains has come up with a ceramic model. And they are indeed better than their plastic models they continue to make and sell, but they are still mass produced, in China, of dubious materials and working ethics. If you want whats true in cat fountains, you want www.thirstycatfountains.com

handmade fountain

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