Fountains by Request

small freeform fountain
Small, 9 inch fountain
We are often asked if we will make fountains with some particular attribute. For example a number of people request something small so we make it a point to create some with a small footprint and small center pieces – great for apartment dwellers and those with limited above floor-level, horizontal surfaces. (Cat fountains, at least ours, really should not be on the floor (they’re too pretty), and especially not by the food dish.) Some people want one that isn’t round – something to harmonize with their free-flowing decor as in this small footprint, free-style formed ,cheerful vessel to the right.

Different Needs

People also ask for a bowl with a wide-bottom that won’t be susceptible to a rambunctious cat’s tipping efforts. We do that too. Still others want a desktop water fountain and we create a variety of them. We have small fountains with lights and fountains that are great for dispersing essential oil fragrances. We have even created fountains for rabbits and ferrets and at least one customer uses her ThirstyCat fountain for her snake to bathe under.
Fountains with lights
Large capacity fountains
There are also those who need a large capacity to accommodate their 3 cats and a dog. We make those too, close to a 20 cup capacity. Here to the right is one with a 15 cup capacity. 15 cups is a lot of water. We’ve been asked quite a lot recently for dog bowls with pumps and those are now in the works too. What is the difference between a dog’s drinking source and that for a cat? Not a lot but we don’t include any delicate center pieces for the dogs and we make sure the bowl is extra sturdy.

Fountains For Every Room (nearly)

There are so many uses for pleasing vessels with moving water. They provide visual and aural delights and serve such functions as dispersing essential oils, creating beneficial negative ions (from moving water), create ambient lighting, they are aids to yoga and meditation practice, as focal points and the list goes on. There are also so many places in the home and the workplace that benefit from them too. In fact there is hardly a room in the house or a kind of workspace that doesn’t profit from having one of these lovely, ceramic life enhancers.

Create Your Own Fountain

And now, due to the many and varied requests we receive we have created a Create Your Own Fountain option, found in the upper right of the menu above. With this feature you can choose:
  1. Your fountain bowl size from four size ranges.
  2. The center piece design from eight choices
  3. The glaze from sixteen possibilities.

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