13 Cat Videos

Some of the cat videos sent by our customers were edited by adding text and music by ThirstyCat Fountains. We hope you enjoy.

Cat Video of TINKERBELL, below, with her ThirstyCat Fountain

This wonderful cat video created entirely by Tinkerbell’s people tells the story of how Tinkerbell used to access her water – before she was given a cat fountain. She is much happier now and so are her people. Videos of cats using their fountains make it so clear how much cats enjoy a fountain, use them and benefit from them. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more does a video proclaim!

ENJOYING A SERENITY FLOW – We are people, cats are cats. It’s hard for us to put ourselves in a cat’s (paws?) In any case this video shows how much a stream can mean to a cat. Particularly a long haired cat. Annotated by ThirstyCat fountains.

KITTY COUNTER – This video, sent to us by a loyal customer – shows a kitten discovering her new fountain for the first time. She seems fairly enthralled. Note that the volume on the fountain is more than we would recommend.

SIAMESE BUBBLE-UP – We all, (cat people)  – need to understand how much moving water means to a cat. They crave it!

ARLO – Another cat enjoying his Serenity Flow fountain. Which, by the way, converts back into a bubble-up in seconds by swapping out the Serenity for the straight, also antimicrobial, copper spout. A Serenity Flow add-on is a nice way way to convert a bubble-up fountain into a stream fountain, giving you, and your cat. both options.

Faucet loving cats can be easily weaned from needing to have the faucet turned on by giving them a stream fountain.

This cat video is of the same fountain as above, here with both cats enjoying it. Multiple stream cat fountains are great if you have more than one cat and they like to drink together. Which surprisingly, many do.

Although all cats, it seems, are attracted to Bubble-up fountains, they’re great for shorthair cats who don’t have the issue of getting their fur wet. This cat video shows Clara enjoying her morning drink.

This video is of Zari, of Clara & Zari, enjoying his morning drink.

Before she got her fountain this is where she got her water. The tap had to be left on, which uses a lot of water or kitty would go thirsty.

3 AT THE FOUNTAIN  – Annotated by ThirstyCat Fountains – Just like at the office water cooler, a fountain can be a gathering place, as this cat video demonstrates.

ThirstyCat Fountains began from making indoor fountains for home decor. We found Bijou drinking from them far more than we ever say him using is water bowl. A light bulb came on one day, ‘Is this a thing, cat fountains?’ A google search showed there were many, very unattractive and unhealthful cat fountains mass produced of plastic in China but no quality, ceramic cat fountains. At that moment, Thirstycatfountains was born. Many thanks to our Bijou.

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