cat fountainSelect from the options below – choose the fountain size range, the center piece design and the glaze and we will create your fountain. Shipping cost will be determined by your choices and mailing address. You will see the final cost before committing to payment. Note that the Mice n Cheese dome will be glazed in our traditional manner as shown here.

We recommend Ivory (shown here) for the bowl glaze for that center piece. Glaze selection does not affect price. Note too that some of the center pieces are not available for the smaller sized bowls simply because they don’t work well with the smaller bowls. If the center piece you want doesn’t show as an option, select a larger bowl size. Although it may take less than a week please allow up to three weeks for creation and delivery. Rarely does it take that long but we never know.

Also, allow for slight variations in form as each piece is made by hand and no two are exactly alike.

Create your own Cat Fountain

Follow the steps below to build your own personal fountain:
  • We will match the size of the center piece to the size of the bowl you select. Size of center piece will not affect the price.
  • Center Piece of the Fountain

  • Choose your fountain's glaze