Cat Fountains Reviews

Cat Fountain Reviews

The following reviews of cat drinking fountains

are selected from Youtube, created for the most part by people who own the fountains and express their experiences in their own words. Our purpose is to provide an objective analysis of various brands of cat water fountains  in order to help those considering buying a cat fountain choose which brand of cat fountain is best for them. In most instances we have left our comments where we felt necessary for a balanced review and to provide information vital to an understanding of the fountains in question.


Another brand of fountains made from 100% plastic. This is one of the most ‘recommended’ by stores such as while it is probably one of the worst you can buy. All the water is in contact with the plastic at all times and as the fountain labeling does not state that the fountain is BPA free it almost certainly contains BPA. Go here for a better understanding of this. The chief virtue of this cat fountain is that it is cheap. It’s chief fault is that it is cheap.


Ebi cat fountains are quality fountains, partially handmade and partially mold made, of ceramic. If you have no problem with the many parts to clean and the difficulty of cleaning (note the spout), the complexity and the price then Ebi cat fountains are a reasonable choice. (Prices start at about $200 and go up from there.)


A LOT of plastic in these cat fountains and they are Really, Really difficult to clean.


If you think your cat would prefer chilled water and if you can work with all the parts, his head will fit into the bowl and the price is not an obstacle ($320) then glacierpointforcats cat fountains may be for you.


The cat water fountain shown is one of many thirstycatfountains designs. (Thirstycats is the host of this post). These fountains are 100% handmade ceramic, 100% food safe and Thirstycatfountains make their own glazes following strict guidelines for which colorants and minerals and how much of them to use to maintain an absolute food safeness. Each comes with a prefilter that lasts at least 2 years. Carbon filters are available which last about six months. Prices range from under $100 to around $200. Thirstycatfountains has a 5 star rating from over 2000 reviews at the time of this writing, many of which speak of the ease of cleaning. (Takes about 4 minutes once a week.) Should last a lifetime. Available at Made in the USA.  Learn how easy it is to clean a Thirstycat fountain.


If your cat is nervous, distrustful, shy or suspicious by nature, fill the fountain but don’t plug it in. Put it where she will easily encounter it.  Leave it that way for a day or so, refreshing as necessary. Likely she will investigate and even begin drinking from her cat water fountain. When you do plug it in, have the pump on the lowest setting and take up all other water sources. Leave it that way for most of a day or so but if she is clearly not drinking, provide another water source. Then try it again. The idea here is to allow the cat to become comfortable with the presence of the fountain, then curious and interested. Most will. Once she is drinking from the fountain you can experiment with higher pump settings.


If you are concerned about the cost of a Thirstycats Fountain, please read this. You’ll find that in the long term a Thirstycats Fountain will save you money.

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ThirstyCats is the only maker of cat fountains to receive The International Cat Association’s Endorsement of Excellence

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