So glad I bought one

I bought the Blue Daisy fountain less than a month ago and am thrilled I did. Three years ago, my Bandit developed crystals in his urinary tract, which is common in neutered males. The vet recommended a fountain to encourage him to drink, to flush out his digestive system. I bought a plastic fountain, and the first year was great. Subsequent years, not so much. The pumps would become clogged with this black gunk that would stop it from working and dirty up the disposable filter. Replacing the pump would help as a temporary solution, but it would still need frequent cleanings – toward the end of using the fountain I’d have to clean it twice a week, and the inside was still filthy. In the beginning, I purchased a set of brushes to help with cleaning the tiny nooks, crannies and spout which was effective for a while, but eventually I became concerned that the levels of sanitation of the fountain were poor despite my best efforts to maintain cleanliness. Did I mention it took 20-30 minutes to clean the fountain thouroughly? I got fed up and bought a fountain from ThirstyCats upon my vets recommendation, and I couldn’t be gladder I did.

The fountain is gorgeous with a capital G. Such exquisite craftsmanship. And easy to clean! After my past experience with the insanitary nature of plastic fountains, I always put the foam filter in the microwave for thirty seconds once weekly. Cleaning is a joy partly because the fountain is so gorgeous but also because it’s far less cumbersome to keep clean. And Bandit is drinking more water than ever before! I highly recommend these fountains, you will not regret it.

ThirstyCat Fountains