After 8 years still excellent

Hi Keith & Jackie.  FYI all 3 of the gorgeous fountains I purchased in 2014 are still working perfectly 24/7 for our cats & dogs. The fountains haven’t chipped, nor ever had a trace of algae or discoloration & are easy to keep clean. The copper spouts are sturdy & just the right size to provide a steady stream, but not splash over the edge of the bowls.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the quality of your fountains; they’ve been continually used by at least 7 cats & 3 dogs during the past 7 years & I think we love them as much as our pets.  My sisters ‘borrowed’ one of fountains 6 yrs ago for their dogs & never returned it! (lol).  When friends, relatives & even my in-home visiting Vet have seen them, they’ve asked where we purchased & we point them to your website.  At first, most people were apprehensive about the cost, but we explain they’re human-grade safe, don’t allow algae or bacteria to grow, sturdy, easy to clean & run 24/7 for years.  Before we bought your fountains, we went through at least 4 of the name-brand Platinum plastic fountains & literally spent 2 days a week soaking them in Clorox bleach to remove algae & bacteria;  of course, not so with your fountains.  Knowing our pets aren’t drinking algae & bacteria alone is worth the price of your fountains & aesthetically, they’re beautiful little pieces of ceramic art in our homes. Thanks for making such great products!


ThirstyCat Fountains