Clean, low effort, beautiful

I ordered a custom thirsty cat fountain over a year ago and can confidently say it was well worth the investment. I have disabilities that make most daily living tasks difficult, and the plastic fountain I had before this needed to be cleaned almost weekly. And it was a lot of parts and a lot of work. The thirsty cat fountain is the opposite. I clean it every month or so, but mostly just forget about it until I need to refill it. And of course my cats love it. It took them a few months to get used to the new one, but now they both drink from it regularly. My orange cat even likes to sit and just watch the water flow – I think it calms him.

I used to worry all the time about the cleanliness of their water but I don’t anymore. The one thing I’d recommend is to put that you want a copper add on to your fountain – I didn’t realize they were not standard. Thankfully, customer service is amazing and they sent me a copper piece to add into my custom fountain – but it’s definitely best to order that initially so it fits correctly.

The only con I can think of for this fountain is that sometimes the separate pieces of the ceramic can make a clinking noise – I didn’t even perceive it at first but my partner did and noticed my black cat might be avoiding it for that reason. But it just takes a little wiggling to get the pieces in a spot that don’t make noise.

Overall I highly recommend thirsty cat fountains for the ease they’ve given to my life and for the health my cat family.

A note from Thirstycats. All the bubble-up fountains come with a copper component. The tower type fountains normally do not be we are happy to add one on at your request.