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Cat Slime – Tired of Cleaning It From Your Plastic Pet Fountain?

Cleaning Slime From Your Plastic Pet Fountain The technical term for the slime that inevitably [...]

Is Your Fountain Pet Safe?

There are three criteria for determining if your fountain is pet safe: of what is [...]

How Often Do We Need To Change The Cats’ Water?

How Often Do We Need To Change The Cats’ Water in Their Fountain? Interestingly, this [...]

Which Source Provides Water Best For Cat?

Is Bottled, Distilled, Chlorinated Or Filtered Water Best For Cats? We naturally think that by [...]

Your Cat Won’t Drink Water

People sometimes come to us because their cat won’t drink water and they want to [...]

Cat Grass, Anyone?

Cats tend to be naturally inquisitive creatures, so when I took an interest in container [...]


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