Unique Ceramic Art For Home Decor
Rare In The World OF Cat Fountains

We present our fountains as cat drinking fountains. Of course. That is what they are. But that is not all that they are.

They have another purpose we don’t often remark upon – their use in home décor.

It is common for people to pay considerably more than the cost of our fountains for a beautiful piece of ceramics. But what of a ceramic ThirstyCat fountain?

A ThirstyCat fountain is created by a team of artists whose overriding concern is that the piece be well made, that it work well and that it be beautiful. We don’t always achieve the high water mark of ‘beauty’ but that is always our intent, and often we do succeed. When we don’t, we’re close.

Ceramic Art - Ceramic Artists

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This team of six artists, only two of whom were originally schooled in ceramics, strives daily in these endeavors. These fountains don’t just happen. Each is made, by hand with considerable intentionality, from start to finish

We who were not schooled in ceramics were schooled in other arts, including dance, graphic art, jewelry creation and landscape design. In those endeavors quality and beauty was always our ultimate goal as well, and we bring those values to our fountains. In the carved and glaze-painted domes and the designs they bear, the designs and craftsmanship of the tower center pieces, the forms of the bowls, the glazes we create and how we combine center pieces and bowls, we strive, both individually and as a team, to bring you cat fountains you will find to be wonderful additions to your home.

Handmade Ceramics

Each bowl is thrown on the wheel and later trimmed on the wheel. Every center piece is likewise, with the tower types of center piece having an upper portion created and hand-built onto it in the form of a leaf or flower, a ‘bateau’ or ‘brackentree’ or any of the many designs we do. We try to make sure it will work well and that it be pleasing to see.

After drying and before bisque firing, bowls and their center pieces are matched up to make harmonious compositions considering form, size, style and general feel of each bowl and center piece. The pairs are recorded, they are bisque fired and ready for glazing.

The glaze for each set; bowl and center piece, is determined specifically for that set. Two or three of us will regard a bowl and its center piece and consider what glaze(s) to use. Does this fountain want something light and bright, or perhaps a more serious, darker hue? Something exciting or restful? Or perhaps a blend of colors?

If the center piece is carved and glaze-painted, the glaze for the set will be selected that best harmonizes, or pleasingly contrasts with those colors. Because we layer most of our glazes – spraying one over another to get the most beautiful colors and finishes – we sometimes use more glazes than pieces we are glazing in any particular glazing. Whatever it takes to achieve our goals.

Health For Your Cat - Beauty For Your Home

The finished product is not only a high quality cat fountain but as well, we hope, a work of ceramic art bringing beauty into your home and your life. Of course our fountains are not inexpensive as cat fountains go. But should they be?

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