The Importance of a cat water fountain

“The importance of a quality cat water fountain cannot be overstated. The single most healthful thing you can do for your cats, be they kittens, middle-aged or older cats, is give them a fountain.”

“I am a veterinarian with specialty training (ie board certified) in internal medicine. Cats are my favorite species and I’m always on the look out for ways to improve their well being. I first saw these fountains on the American Association for Feline Practitioners website. I was impressed and eventually ordered a fountain for my cats; (the Brackentree).

cat loves her fountainYes these fountains cost more than the “Economy” varieties, but there is a saying, “you get what you pay for”, and when folks complain about prices….well…I’ll take quality over junk any day. I have Thirsty Cat Fountain brochures at my hospital, so clients can find out about this wonderful product.” – Heather F. Veterinary Angels”

Heather is one of many veterinarians to recommend ThirstyCat cat fountains to their clients.

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Importance of a Cat Water Fountain
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Importance of a Cat Water Fountain
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