The Importance of a cat water fountain

“The importance of a quality cat water fountain cannot be overstated. The single most healthful thing you can do for your cats, be they kittens, middle-aged or older cats, is give them a fountain.”

Read what this veterinarian says about importance of cat water fountain: “I am a veterinarian with specialty training (ie board certified) in internal medicine. Cats are my favorite species and I’m always on the look out for ways to improve their well being. I first saw these fountains on the American Association for Feline Practitioners website. I was impressed and eventually ordered a fountain for my cats; (the Brackentree).

cat loves her fountainYes these fountains cost more than the “Economy” varieties, but there is a saying, “you get what you pay for”, and when folks complain about prices….well…I’ll take quality over junk any day. I have Thirsty Cat Fountain brochures at my hospital, so clients can find out about this wonderful product.” – Heather F. Veterinary Angels”

Heather is one of many veterinarians to recommend ThirstyCat cat fountains to their clients. Many people are aware of the existence of cat water fountains but not many know, because of all the hype and marketing around the many commercial brands, about the enormous differences in quality between those brands.

This is from another customer:

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