Thrilled my cat is drinking from it!

My sweet June has a kidney disease and inhales water all day and all night. She insists it comes from the faucet and refuses to drink from the water bowl. All night long I get woken up to get up and tun on the faucet! I was desperate and starting researching fountains. I needed a quiet one and one that resembled a faucet…..I was hesitant with this fountain and it did seem pricey. I took a chance and also purchased the little stem that goes on it to shoot the water up higher like a faucet. It came so quickly and immediately I was impressed with the beautiful design and looks to it. Very easy to set up and no motor noise….wow! Then I took the advice to raise the fountain up a little and I set it up right next the faucet she used. The next night I was ecstatic she had not woken me up for the faucet drink. I still couldn’t believe it until I caught her drinking, though. Sure enough I snuck up on her and spied…..she was happily drinking from the fountain and seemed content she “gets” the water by herself and as often as she wants! Thank you, thank you…I get my sleep back and I feel reassured that she will be getting enough water in to help slow down her kidney disease, a true miracle.

ThirstyCat Fountains