Best Fountain Choice

I did so much research and really appreciated this company’s helpful comparison to other cat fountains. I truly believe this fountain is the least expensive in the long run and will save me money on filter replacements that other fountains would need frequently. I also think my kitty is drinking more. I read the info provided on this website about slowly introducing cats gradually. My cat is very curious and basically was with me every step of the way the minute the big box arrived and I had no choice but to just get it up and running. She took to it immediately so I guess it depends on the cat. She is not hesitant about anything new. The fountain is even lovelier in person. Very high quality and unique patterns. I am thinking of getting another for my sunroom. As a person who researches things to death I’m so happy o stumbled upon this company by searching for cat fountains. Thank you so much for making something so unique, healthy and beneficial for my cat. Jackie is wonderful to work with on any questions. 😊

ThirstyCat Fountains