Learn How To Clip Your Cats’ Nails

Clipping cats’ nails isn’t rocket science. It’s actually pretty simple and quick

– or it can be. If you or your cat are not comfortable with it, if your cat squirms and resists then it’s best to get your vet or a groomer to do the job. You don’t want to risk cutting your cats’ nails too far down the nail into the quick, or you getting scratched up. Your cat will quickly and in no uncertain terms let you know just how he feels about getting his nails trimmed.

If you and your cat are comfortable and he or she stays fairy still, the process is easy.  In the video (below) Bijou is in Jackie’s lap. She squeezes the pad of the paw which causes the nails to extend. Once extended she cuts off the sharp tip, being careful not to cut into the quick. Since Bijou seems to actually like this procedure and remains quite docile, Jackie only needs an ordinary pair of nail clippers, but you might want to purchase acat's nails pair of clippers specially designed for clipping cats’ such as those shown here. Some people recommend not getting the guillotine type.


Here is a video of Jackie clipping Bijou’s nailscats' nails

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