Pet Fountains For Health & Beauty

For a long time people assumed that a bowl of water was fine for their pets – indeed, a downright luxury compared to a rain puddle or some other accumulation of water their pets had access to. Until recently pet fountains didn’t even exist.

Now we know better, particularly cat owners, and many pet owners now actively seek a quality pet fountain. Veterinarians recommend pet fountains because they encourage pets to stay healthfully hydrated. Again, this is particularly true for cats who need moving water because in the wild, and cats are still ‘in the wild’, only moving water is safe. Still water becomes stagnant can be deadly. This is why so many cats want the faucet turned on, get into your shower or they stir the water with their paws. They are hard-wired to seek water in motion.

But there is more to understand than simply the need for a pet fountain. Where we place the fountain is important too, and again, this is especially true for cats because in the wild, food near their water source could contaminate their water. That, and the fact that generally animals don’t normally find their water where they find their food makes placing the water next to the food incongruous with an animals nature. We have our beverage with our food – pets, generally, do not. Almost all cat behaviorists know this and recommend placing the pet fountain in an entirely different room from their food dish. For dogs, this is not as important but for cats and other pets it is.

So, where should we place the pet fountain? Above all else nowhere near the liter box or any other place of elimination, not near heavy traffic, loud apppet fountainsliances or anywhere that could be perceived as unsafe or unsettling. Just as we like a calm environment when we dine and enjoy a beverage, so too do our pets.

At this stage of this post we need to take the cat and dog down different paths because of the differences between these two species. Dogs can be messy drinkers so if you are going to place their pet fountain away from their food it needs to be a place that can take some splashing, or at least, a place you can place a mat under the fountain. Where that will be will depend on your home and your geographical location. In warm climates, for example and during the warm months of colder locations, outside can be a great choice for a dog’s fountain if fenced in, he’s on a lead or doesn’t roam. Otherwise some out of the way room may work. Some people even use a closet with the door ajar.

For cats, the choices will depend on the particular pet fountain you have. You wouldn’t want most pet fountains in your living or dining rooms for example. They would be aesthetically offensive. For those brands of pet fountains you’d need a corner of a room – somewhere out of the way that is quiet, secure and fairly unseen. Or perhaps a closet.

pet fountainspet fountainsIf your pet fountains also happen to double as a work of art, however, the choices for where you place the fountains are numerous. Many people place their Thirstycat Fountain on a table or stand in the living room, entryway and even the dinning room, study, office and bedroom. Being handmade, ceramic and beautiful, a Thirstycat Fountain provides an opportunity to enhance the décor of your home while providing the necessary qualities of a pet fountain – to encourage hydration for the health and happiness of your cat.

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