How To Help Your Cats Love Their Cat Fountain

Almost All Cats Will Love a Cat Water Fountain

But if you are concerned that your cat may be intimidated by the cat fountain or if you have set the fountain up and she seems unsure, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure she uses and loves to use her fountain.

The fountain should not be near the food bowl. In nature cats don’t keep their food near their water. Bacteria from decaying food could easily contaminate the water source, which could prove fatal and cats are instinctively aware of this. It is also thought the aromas coming from their food can put them off drinking. Ideally the fountain should be in another room, and if in the kitchen, well away from the food, and definitely not near the litter box. Never put your cat’s food or water anywhere near the litter box. It is also best to place the fountain away from high traffic areas, particularly if your cat is the timid type, and not near any noisy appliances.

If your cat is nervous, distrustful or suspicious by nature, fill the fountain but don’t plug it in. Put it where she will easily encounter it in an area she likes to be and feels safe. Leave it that way for a day or so, refreshing as necessary. Likely she will investigate and even begin drinking from her cat fountain. When you do plug it in, have the pump on the lowest setting and take up all other water sources. Leave it that way for most of a day or so but if she is clearly not drinking, provide another water source. Then try it again. The idea here is to allow the cat to become comfortable with the presence of the fountain, then curious and interested. Most will. Once she is drinking from the fountain you can experiment with higher pump settings.

Many of our customers put their cat fountain on a table or a stand. We know this from the images and videos they’ve sent us, such as you see here and below.

Try placing your handmade ceramic cat fountain in your living or dining room. You can enjoy it for its visual appeal and your cats will appreciate finding their water there and will almost certainly drink more.

If you come from using a plastic fountain, please note that these fountains, unlike what you are used to, are quiet, extremely easy to clean cat fountains and because they are not made of plastic they don’t scratch and so don’t harbor harmful bacteria and never cause chin acne.

Email from a customer: “Just wanted to let you know that I took your suggestions about getting my cats to use the fountain & they’re finally using it because they had no other recourse! I moved it to my desk top next to their water bowl left  empty! After a dry breakfast of crunchies they were frantic & meowing for water, so one by one all 3 drank from the fountain in the off position! By the next day I turned it on low & they still drank! After I clean it next time, I’m gonna turn it up 1 more step! Thanks for your advice, I had felt so bad before when I tried not giving them any other water source, but this time it worked!
– Bonnie S.

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