Fountain Cleaning Video

Caring For A ThirstyCat Cat Fountain

is easy, normally requiring in time from about four to five minutes every five to seven days, depending on usage. Unlike many brands of cat fountains a ThirstyCat fountain has no corners or nooks and even in our more complicated styles access to all the areas is easy. And because of our glazes and how we apply them, the surfaces are smooth so cleaning is simply a matter of using a sponge with warm, soapy water.

NOTE: The fountains can be put in the top shelf of a dishwasher, with the pump. However we don’t know what effect today’s aggressive detergents will have on the fountain glaze finish so we do not recommend doing this unless only occasionally.

The foam filter that encases the pump and which comes with all of our cat water fountains should simply be rinsed with hot water. If you use soap on it you may have bubbles in your water, which you want to avoid. After a thorough rinsing of the filter you can put it in a microwave on high for a minute, then rinse again.

The video below shows one of our simpler designs. A more complicated design, such as a multiple channel Piazza will take an extra minute or two but the process is the same.

ThirstyCat Fountains