Cleaning The Pump With Vinegar & Salt


pump cleaningTaking apart the pump and rinsing thoroughly with each weekly cleaning is a great idea.
See our cleaning video on the FAQ page on our website. Sometimes though, mineral deposit build-up,
even with filtered water, will stop a pump working and another step must be taken.

95% of the time when people think a pump is gone it’s functionality can be restored simply by removing the mineral deposits. To do this, make a solution of one tablespoon salt to one cup white vinegar. Take apart the pump by removing the screen, impeller cover and pull out the impeller. It is magnetically held in. Soak the impeller and the pump in the solution. Alternatively you can soak the impeller and simply put some of the solution into the well the impeller was in rather than soaking the entire pump. Soak for 30 minutes if doing this regularly, or overnight if not done for a while. Rinse the pump and impeller well under running water and reassemble the pump. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to remove all vinegar odor or your cat will definitely not like it. And that’s it. Nine times out of ten your pump will then be good as new.

Here is a video of cleaning the fountain and pump.


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