About Our Recirculating Pumps

aquariumpumpandfilter2Aquarium recirculating pumps,  such as those we use in our cat fountains, have been a vital component of aquariums for many decades and have proven to be essential for the maintenance of high quality, life sustaining water. This is particularly true when the water passes through both a mechanical filter, such as the foam filter you see here, as well as an activated charcoal filter. The first prevents physical matter from entering the pump and the second removes impurities from the water which can cause unpleasant odors and tastes. All our fountains come with the foam filter which will last one to two years.  Charcoal filters are optional as many customers either have good water or a use filtered water. The pump itself aerates the water, adding further to its quality and healthfulness.

There are some plastics which contain BPA, a chemical thought to cause health problems in animals and humans. It has been attributed to the occurrence of chin acne in cats though this has not been unequivocally proven. In any case, the plastic with which virtually all aquarium pumps are made contains no BPA. (Other parts of various commercial fountains may, particularly if there are a number of parts.)

aquariumpumpandfilter3From our fountains, cats drink this water. In aquariums, animals live in it and are in constant, 24/7 contact with it so the quality of the water is critical for the health and life of the organisms inhabiting the aquariums. Millions, possibly billions of animals are thriving in aquariums equipped with aquarium pumps across the globe. Aquarium pumps are not only safe, they are absolutely essential to the health of those many water creatures and most importantly for us, to the health of our cats.

There are very many makes of aquarium pumps and we have tried most of them. From the beginning our search was for a high quality, well made pump that is quiet and which lasts years. We have found that in our Aqua Top -80, previously made under the name of Via Aqua. Occasionally we come across a defective pump, in which case we replace it at our expense if within or close to the warranty period, and we continue to research and test. We want what you want: The highest quality most attractive cat fountain on the planet and we daily renew that effort and aim. Here is more information on these pumps.