I ordered a fountain for my recently rescued, four year old, companion and magic happened. To explain, I beg your indulgence, but I really have to start this story at the very beginning. I got Zen from a TNR rescue that realized this particular cat should never have been put out side, he just was too passive to remain in the feral colony. He looked a bit ragged, but who wouldn’t after spending months around other cat’s bullying.
When I got him back home, he took one look around and went to lay with my husband who was very ill at the time. He blended in perfectly, and his devotion to my husband during a difficult time was wonderful to see.
Unfortunately, my husband passed away this past December, and Zen and I both went into a spin. I noticed he was off his food and his water intake was dropping. I researched all kinds of remedies, to get kitties to drink more and fountains were at the top of the list.
Thirsty Cat Fountains was one of the companies I researched and their reviews were excellent:great workmanship, easy to clean, etc. so I ordered a small fountain, for one cat and it arrived a few days later. And that’s when the music stopped. Instead of my small bubbler fountain, I opened up to a very large, blue fountain,nothing like I ordered. I got back to the company, sent a picture, and asked what happened. They told my it was a mix up and my fountain was on its was to someone in California who probably was not going to be happy when they saw the difference in size. I figured it was lost forever in UPS hell.
Since each of these fountains are singular creations, the service team jumped into action to find mine. Call me initially cynical, help desks in a lot of major companies are pits of frustration and despair. Not here. They found my fountain by tracking it thru UPS, redirected it to my house, sent me a label to return the wrong fountain back to them. Got my fountain, it’s just lovely, and I found a company that goes out of their way to provide a very good product, even when it’s on its way somewhere else.
My cat, he is loving his fountain….he is totally back to being Zen. Thanks for all your help with this

ThirstyCat Fountains