fantastic customer service!

I am so impressed by the quality of these products, and especially by the unparalleled customer services. These folks are very responsive to all questions and concerns. They know their products inside and out (because they make them), and it is clear how much pride they have in providing specific, detailed information about how to make their products work as efficiently as possible. That they take the time to create step-by-step instructions and videos for maintenance and repair, instead of pressuring people to buy replacements, shows the value of their workmanship. I bought my fountain 6 years ago and the pump’s been running almost continuously that whole time. With the regular maintenance and cleaning that they recommend, it’s performed beautifully. Through no fault of theirs, the pump was cracked and needed to be replaced. They first told me how to refresh it with a salt and vinegar bath, to avoid replacement as long as I could. When I decided to order a new one, they shipped it within 2 days (the price of shipping included), with detailed instructions and video links for replacement that were easily accomplished in under 10 minutes, adding years of life to the product. Such a refreshing customer service experience–I highly recommend! Customer for life.

ThirstyCat Fountains