Beautiful, Easy to Clean Fountain with Superb Customer Service

“I bought a petunia fountain in July 2020. My two cats loved it immediately and drank so much more water. One drank from the flower and the other drank from the bowl. In April 2021 during one of my weekly cleanings, the pump was covered in a pink slime. I immediately emailed Jackie and Keith and Jackie emailed me back within the day and sent the information about this pink slime. We live in CO at 8500 feet. During April the snow is melting and many times old patches of snow will have this pink layer on top. It’s in the air where I live at higher elevation. The information Jackie sent said that the chlorine in tap water will kill it. I requested a bubbler insert hoping to reduce the evaporation of the chlorine and bought a new pump. Jackie sent me a bubbler insert that had a tiny crack that matches my bowl well for FREE! The video for replacing the pump was superb. And I cannot emphasize how easy these fountains are to clean. But most importantly Jackie and Keith offer superb customer service. Thank you Thirsty Cat Fountains.” Lori

ThirstyCat Fountains