Cat Fountain Videos

Sweet, shy, Bellatrix loves her ThirstyCat Fountain, and I love seeing her drink more water.

Echo enjoying her new fountain. Note from ThirstyCats: It is not uncommon for a cat to learn to play with the fountain before drinking from it. They mostly all do though.

We are extremely pleased with the fountain we received this week for our 5-month-old Siberian kitten. The fountain is gorgeous – pictures did not do it proper justice. It was a breeze to set-up and there is no doubt it will be easy to clean and maintain. Most importantly, our kitten started drinking from it almost immediately. He stared, pawed, laid next to, and stalked it at first - lol. In less than an hour, he was drinking from the bowl! Great investment towards a long, happy, and HEALTHY life for our boy.

I keep trying to get a good video but every time I see her drinking and grab my phone she stops! I think she’s trying to negotiate with her agent for treats for a good video. Hope this helps, she loves her fountain and I love how it looks!

Playing and drinking at the fountain.

Fiona has had her fountain for four years and she still LOVES it!