Cat Fountain Videos

Beau is very camera shy, but he loves his cat fountain. And I like the sound of it when falling asleep. Thank you for this beautiful item.

She won her second fountain based on this. She still loves both of them!❤️

Some of how we make our fountains

Stream Fountains

Cat fountains with streams are great, not only for longhair cats but for the very many cats who seem to demand a stream - they want the faucet turned on or they jump into the tub for the running, falling water or on to the sink when you go near it. This video presents a variety of stream cat fountains.

Bubble-up Cat Fountains

Bubble-up fountains are great for short hair cats. We make a great many designs of this type of fountain, many with glazed carvings, all done by hand.

A video from a customer.

  "I will absolutely send a video if I can catch him drinking from the fountain! He often does— just not on camera!" Dara H.

Customer Video

A longhair cat loving her flower fountain

Customer Video

"Ren, my 1 year old Devon Rex, enjoying a drink from his fountain."

Customer Video

"Beebe LOVES her ThirstyCat Fountain!!!"