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Why ThirstyCat Cat Fountains?

  • Thirstycat Cat Fountains are Food safe – made by hand from 100% food safe materials including our glazes
  • They are Easy to Clean – About four minutes every five days or once a week
  • Thirstycat cat fountains do not scratch or harbor chin acne-causing bacteria
  • A thirstycat fountain lasts a lifetime
  • Thirstycats has 99% five star reviews for our fountains and our customer service (please read the reviews)
  • Out fountains are a beautiful addition to your home
  • Made In The USA – By Hand – In The Village of Cambridge, Upstate New York
  • The only cat fountain in the world to receive The International Cat Association’s Endorsement of Excellence
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ThirstyCat Cat Water Fountains

are considered by many, including many veterinarians, to be the highest quality & easiest to clean cat fountains as well as the most food safe cat fountains you can buy. (Please read the customer reviews.)

Since 2000 ThirstyCats

has been pleasing the cat communities across America and abroad with our one-of-a-kind, handmade cat fountains & pet fountains. No maker of cat water fountains offers the variety of designs, the range of glaze colors and the quality of customer service as does ThirstyCats. We can certify our cat fountains are food safe because we make every fountain by hand from start to finish and we make our own glazes from raw minerals so we know exactly and how much of what is in them. Our ceramic cat fountains are not made of cheap metal, plastics or resins, they are not made in molds and they are not made in China. They do not harbor disease-causing bacteria or generate biofilm. They are wheel-thrown of high-fire stoneware (ceramics), glazed, fired to 2,232°F in our kilns and finished in our studio in the village of Cambridge, New York. You are welcome to visit us. Below are a few of our many designs.

A ThirstyCat Fountain is not like any other fountain you will find

because no one puts the care and quality into the creation of a cat fountain as does ThirstyCats and no one stands behind their product with more commitment than we do. Again, please read what our customers say to learn about the quality of our fountains and the care and attention thirstycat fountainsgiven to our customers.

There are many reasons why people say ours are the best cat fountains money can buy. Not only do we build our fountains at the highest quality level with the best, quietest, most powerful yet fully adjustable pumps, our filtration is superior to all other makers of cat fountains and we strive to make each fountain a beautiful cat water fountain. And wouldn’t you rather have a beautiful pet fountain, a truly aesthetically pleasing, elegant cat fountain for your home rather than some functional looking piece of plastic or metal?

ThirstyCats fountains are not cheap to buy because they are not cheaply made, but this will surprise you: In the long term a ThirstyCats fountain is probably the least expensive fountain you can purchase. How can that be? Every pet fountain requires filtration and in all brands of commercial fountains those filters need replacing at least every few weeks. If you change the filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the price of the fountain soars, every year.

Below are the real costs you will be facing over a five year period, excluding shipping costs which will increase the cost even more, based on the best prices available at the time of this writing to replace the filters according to the manufacturers recommend rate of replacement. These are a few of the many commercial brands and are representative of the industry as a whole.

The Pioneer Raindrop costs $45 to purchase and over a five year period, purchasing the necessary filters at the minimum recommend rate of every 3 weeks will bring the total cost for purchase and filters to $270 plus shipping. (Add shipping estimates to each of the fountains below.)

The Drinkwell Avalon costs $80 to purchase and over a five year period, purchasing the necessary filters at the minimum recommend rate of every 3 weeks will bring the cost to $300.

The Drinkwell Platinum costs $45 to purchase and over a five year period, purchasing the necessary filters at the minimum recommend rate of every 3 weeks will bring the total cost $320

The Drinkwell 360 costs $70 to purchase and over a five year period, purchasing the necessary filters at the recommend rate of every cleaning or about once a week will bring the total cost to $590.

Thirstycat Fountains cost on average $140 to purchase. Our carbon filters last six months or more (we use 60 times the carbon of other brands) and our foam filters last two years. Over a five year period the total cost including purchase price will be $180.

An email we received from a customer;

Here is a video of Jayden enjoying his fountain. 
I really love your fountains. They are absolutely the best. The materials you use are top quality for the health of the cat. The designs are beautiful, unique and are truly a work of art. I also love the personal service you offer to each of your customers. You are always prompt in responding to any question I have ever needed answered. Never change how you do business. You are top notch. 
Yes the original investment for your fountains seems high. But your fountains last years. I replaced my first one because I dropped it and it broke. That was after years of use. I’ve had my second one for maybe 5 years with absolutely no problems at all. 
I clean it once a week. Takes me about 10 minutes because I take all the pieces apart and clean each one. Simple. 
Thank you for making such a great product. The quality and designs are outstanding. 
Gayle Goodson
San Jose CA

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