Beware Of The Fake Cat Fountain Maker Calling Themselves "thirstycat"

The Genuine Ceramic ThirstyCats Cat Fountain on the Left - The Fake Plastic thirstycat fountain on the right is a Chinese Knockoff of America’s Greatly Valued

Thirstycatco (who call themselves ‘thirstycat’) is a Chinese manufacturer of plastic, poor quality, mass produced cat fountains pretending to be a ‘family’ business that happened to see the need for a good cat fountain. They have hijacked the trusted and probably the most honored name in cat fountains; ThirstyCats, creators of handmade, one-of-a-kind ceramic cat fountains available at

And their fountains are as bad for your cats as any slime generating, chin acne causing and BPA filled carcinogenic water vessel can be.

not thirstycats

Thirstycatco claim nearly all of the attributes that genuinely belong to ThirstyCats’ Fountains as selling points for theirs when in fact, their fountains are mass produced in China of the cheapest materials possible. They say the  fountains are easy to clean. Clearly, (see below)  this is anything but an easy to clean pet fountain. Will you enjoy getting a brush into all those corners and grooves? Will you even be able to?

plastic cat fountainIn fact, everything they say is a deceit, designed to fool you into thinking you are buying from the most reputable maker of the highest quality cat fountain in the world when in fact you are buying what can only be described as a very poor quality, unhealthful cat fountain from a dishonest purveyor of Chinese-made pet products.

Yes, they are cheap. This is because they are cheap – cheaply made, so cheap to buy – but what you’ll pay in vet bills will not be at all cheap. Do yourselves and your pets the honor of buying the highest quality cat fountain worldwide – from Like so many people have testified in our customer reviews, you will be so happy you did.

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