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    Beautiful fountain and my cat loves it!
    I recently adopted a 2 year old rag doll and wanted to get her a water fountain to keep her healthy, since I know getting enough water is so important for a cats urinary health. I spent days researching different fountains. I did not want a plastic one due to the bacteria it can breed. I decided on a stainless or ceramic one . I went on the hunt for one that was NOT made in China as I was concerned with quality and safety standards and only wanted the best for my cat. This was an almost impossible task!. I was so happy when I came across this site and really liked what I read about the quality and care that goes into these fountains. I was so excited to learn that I could order one even though I live in Canada. Yes these fountains are a little pricy compared to traditional cat fountains, but they are a beautiful piece of artwork that I am proud to display in my home. I find the gentle stream peaceful to listen to. I wasn't sure if my new cat would like a fountain, but decided to take a chance. I am so glad I did. The entire process of buying from Jackie and Keith was fantastic. The communication was excellent, from selecting the fountain I wanted and sending me the tracking number for the delivery so I would know when it arrived. It came SO well packaged and I could tell lots of tender loving care went into making sure it was well protected along its journey to me. I am so happy with this fountain. It is beautiful and my rag doll loves to drink from it now. It did take her a few days to warm up to it. I put it on the lowest trickle to start with like the website instructions recommended. I am very happy with my purchase and I strongly recommend this company. Thank you Jackie and Keith!
    Great! Rigby loves it!
    We purchased this for our lovely tabby Rigby Ashes this Christmas. She is fascinated by it and hopefully it will continue to encourage her to drink more. Being as cats prefer their water to be kept in a different location than their food, it is working out very well. Very professional service. Packaged and delivered very well. Thank you so much.
    Gorgeous Fountain
    I recently purchased a Thirsty cat fountain. I love the fact that is so quiet. My cat would not go near the cat fountain that I purchased 3 weeks before getting this fountain. He was terrified of the loud noise. I ordered it on November 9 and it was delivered to my home two days later. My cat went right to the water fountain Once we set it up for him. The fountain is beautiful , the service was awesome.
    Fancy Water Fountain
    My cat it took him awhile before he start drinking the fountain like 3 months. I thought he will never like the fountain but now, he loves it! Easy to clean, fancy and the owner of this drinking fountain are good customer service. Thank you so much!
    Still going strong after 10+ years
    I bought a thirsty cat fountain over 10 years ago, might even be 12 years ago now, and I have been running it continuously (24/7/365) ever since. The fountain part is broken in a few places due to me dropping it but it is still functional and the pump, fountain, and filter still work perfectly. I just balance the broken part on the base without glue as I assume all glue will be toxic. I clean the fountain every 10-14 days. My dogs love it too (I need to clean it more often if dogs are using it though! slobber...). I haven't replace any parts. Amazing product!! Thank you so much. Note From ThirstyCats. There are 2 part, marine epoxies that can be used for repair which are safe.
    Best Water Fountain Ever
    Thank you Keith and Jackie so much for helping me out with my order for my kitties! My 2 boys and I absolutely love our fountain! My boys are drinking more water and love drinking from the top of their 2 channel pizazza! I still clean their fountain once a week, but it is SO much easier to clean than their last plastic fountain! It is so peaceful to listen to the soft water falling. It really has to be completely quiet in the house in order to hear it. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family for cat water fountains. I know that I spent more money on this water fountain than any other before. But the saying is true, "you get what you pay for" and this expense was well worth the money!! It is not only helping keep my Ares and Triton hydrated and easy to clean, but it is also beautiful!!! Plus you both were so easy to work with and willing to help!! Thank you again from very happy hydrated Ares, Triton, and very grateful cat mom!!
    Pooki Loves It
    At the recommendation of my friend Jules, I purchased my fountain roughly 10 years ago for my kitty Pumpkin cat. She loved the fountain. We lost Pumpkin cat in April. In June we adopted a trapped stray rescue 1 year or so old who while pretty skittish at first Pooki has finally come around to liking the fountain passed down to her. The fountain is easy to clean and maintain and I've never had any issue whatsoever with it. Thank you Keith and Jackie for all your help and for the tips on how to encourage Pooki to use the fountain. I highly recommend Thirsty Cat Fountains to every cat owner I know.
    Best Fountain Ever
    OMG! So happy I found this site. The fountain is gorgeous , EASY to clean, and is never slimy. So much nicer than the plastic thing I was using and no charcoal in the water. Best design ever. Thank you for a GREAT, beautiful fountain!
    Clean, low effort, beautiful
    I ordered a custom thirsty cat fountain over a year ago and can confidently say it was well worth the investment. I have disabilities that make most daily living tasks difficult, and the plastic fountain I had before this needed to be cleaned almost weekly. And it was a lot of parts and a lot of work. The thirsty cat fountain is the opposite. I clean it every month or so, but mostly just forget about it until I need to refill it. And of course my cats love it. It took them a few months to get used to the new one, but now they both drink from it regularly. My orange cat even likes to sit and just watch the water flow - I think it calms him. I used to worry all the time about the cleanliness of their water but I don't anymore. The one thing I'd recommend is to put that you want a copper add on to your fountain - I didn't realize they were not standard. Thankfully, customer service is amazing and they sent me a copper piece to add into my custom fountain - but it's definitely best to order that initially so it fits correctly. The only con I can think of for this fountain is that sometimes the separate pieces of the ceramic can make a clinking noise - I didn't even perceive it at first but my partner did and noticed my black cat might be avoiding it for that reason. But it just takes a little wiggling to get the pieces in a spot that don't make noise. Overall I highly recommend thirsty cat fountains for the ease they've given to my life and for the health my cat family. A note from Thirstycats. All the bubble-up fountains come with a copper component. The tower type fountains normally do not be we are happy to add one on at your request.
    So glad I bought one
    I bought the Blue Daisy fountain less than a month ago and am thrilled I did. Three years ago, my Bandit developed crystals in his urinary tract, which is common in neutered males. The vet recommended a fountain to encourage him to drink, to flush out his digestive system. I bought a plastic fountain, and the first year was great. Subsequent years, not so much. The pumps would become clogged with this black gunk that would stop it from working and dirty up the disposable filter. Replacing the pump would help as a temporary solution, but it would still need frequent cleanings - toward the end of using the fountain I’d have to clean it twice a week, and the inside was still filthy. In the beginning, I purchased a set of brushes to help with cleaning the tiny nooks, crannies and spout which was effective for a while, but eventually I became concerned that the levels of sanitation of the fountain were poor despite my best efforts to maintain cleanliness. Did I mention it took 20-30 minutes to clean the fountain thouroughly? I got fed up and bought a fountain from ThirstyCats upon my vets recommendation, and I couldn’t be gladder I did. The fountain is gorgeous with a capital G. Such exquisite craftsmanship. And easy to clean! After my past experience with the insanitary nature of plastic fountains, I always put the foam filter in the microwave for thirty seconds once weekly. Cleaning is a joy partly because the fountain is so gorgeous but also because it’s far less cumbersome to keep clean. And Bandit is drinking more water than ever before! I highly recommend these fountains, you will not regret it.
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