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    Custom Ordered Plumeria Stream Fountain
    This is our 2nd ThirstyCat fountain. Our first is a standard bubble-up with the Downflow Cat Tap that I keep in Odrick's cat room, and I custom ordered this beautiful Plumeria Stream fountain for the kitchen. I'd like to have a raised bubble-up to complete the set so I'm keeping an eye on the website, waiting to fall in love with one... it won't take long, I'm sure because all their fountains are lovely.
    WOW, so Beautiful fountain, it is made so beautiful, and so uniqie. My cats LOVE this fountain, i do want to buy another one. Worth every penny, you can build one yoursself, to now thats cool!!!!
    Love This Fountain
    I love this cat water fountain and so do my kids it’s so unique how they made it I’m definitely going to buy another one thank you for making such a beautiful cat water fountain.
    Our First Fountain A++
    The fountain is stunning. Like other customers mentioned, the pictures don't do it justice. I bought a plant stand to raise and (hopefully) protect the fountain from my rowdy savannah cat. He enjoys drinking from both the bowl, and the Downflow Cat Tap. I haven't seen my other cat drink from it yet but she's shy and is probably enjoying it when I'm not looking. I already placed a custom order for a second ThirstyCat Fountain and am debating on if I need a third (I've decided I do). It deserves more than 5 stars, there's no other pet fountains that compare to the quality, function and beauty.
    Great fountain
    We had a plastic fountain for our cat, which I'm fairly sure had actually started causing health problems despite frequent cleanings. We bought a ThirstyCat fountain to replace it. The cat loves it, the feline acne on his jaw cleared up almost immediately, and his digestive health appears to be getting better as well. If you want a cat fountain, absolutely DO NOT buy a plastic fountain - buy one of these instead. It will pay for itself dozens of times over in prevented vet visits.
    Well worth the price
    My old plastic cat fountain became stained and wasn't easy to clean, so I needed to find one that wouldn't have these issues. The ThirstyCat raised bubble-up fountain gives my cats the elevated water stream they like, while giving me an easy time cleaning it. It's so simple to rinse the foam filter, there's no little crevices to trap gunk, the glazed ceramic stays cleaner and doesn't stain, and putting it all back together after washing is a breeze. I can tell that this item will last forever and the pump itself can also be replaced easily if needed, so it's a really great investment. I use filtered water for this so don't even need carbon filters. I appreciated the discount due to a small glazing flaw - it doesn't make it any less beautiful to me.
    Beautiful, Easy to Clean Fountain with Superb Customer Service
    "I bought a petunia fountain in July 2020. My two cats loved it immediately and drank so much more water. One drank from the flower and the other drank from the bowl. In April 2021 during one of my weekly cleanings, the pump was covered in a pink slime. I immediately emailed Jackie and Keith and Jackie emailed me back within the day and sent the information about this pink slime. We live in CO at 8500 feet. During April the snow is melting and many times old patches of snow will have this pink layer on top. It’s in the air where I live at higher elevation. The information Jackie sent said that the chlorine in tap water will kill it. I requested a bubbler insert hoping to reduce the evaporation of the chlorine and bought a new pump. Jackie sent me a bubbler insert that had a tiny crack that matches my bowl well for FREE! The video for replacing the pump was superb. And I cannot emphasize how easy these fountains are to clean. But most importantly Jackie and Keith offer superb customer service. Thank you Thirsty Cat Fountains." Lori
    After Much Research
    I recently purchased a ThirstyCat fountain as my oldest cat has kidney disease. I am overjoyed to see her drinking more water. All of my cats bypass the rest of the water bowls and use my lovely fountain. They really do love the moving water. After much research, I selected ThirstyCat, and I highly recommend these artisans. The fountain is gorgeous, easy to clean, and will last forever. I plan to buy two more. I also must mention that this a company of perfectionists who truly care about their products. I am very frugal, so when I say that this was money well spent, you can believe the product is wonderful. It is. I highly recommend ThirstyCat Fountains.
    Beautiful, functional, perfect for our cat!
    We absolutely love the cat fountain. It's a work of art as well as a source of joy for our cat, Jackson. The fountain is really beautiful, with deep blue glaze and ruffly spout, it would look wonderful anywhere. Beautiful and low maintenance, the water in the fountain stays clean and clear and cleaning the fountain is a breeze. Thirsty Cat Fountains is an amazing company; they are an absolute pleasure to work with, they create a wonderful product, and take pride in their work and relationship with customers.
    Wonderful product & stellar service
    We bought a thirsty cat fountain years ago & not only is it beautiful, but very functional and our 2 Siamese cats love it. Customer service has always been over and above, especially when the bowl was accidentally broken. They made me a new bowl that matched up perfectly with the rest of the fountain. I continue to order supplies for the fountain & they always arrive in a timely manner. This is a great company that stands behind everything they do, so rare to find these days! Love ThirstyCat Fountains and am a very happy customer!
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