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    Astounded by the Quality
    cat water fountain
    I have been meaning to write to you for the longest time, even longer than I realized.  Last January, I purchased the Chatra Serene cat fountain with the downflow copper cat tap add-on. I am astounded by the quality of your fountain.  First of all, it is totally silent.  I can even adjust the water flow so that there is no sound from the water stream out of the cap tap.  After listening to the hum of a Drinkwell pet fountain for months and months, it was such a relief to have the quiet in my very small apartment.  I had been using Drinkwell pet fountains for years, but the quality of their pumps has declined greatly.  Even brand new replacement pumps had that annoying hum. Moreover, Drinkwell fountains are very difficult to disassemble/reassemble and because of all the “nooks and crannies” very difficult to clean.  The plastic was always slimy when I took them apart.  My ThirstCat fountain is never slimy.  No matter how long between cleanings, the fountain never has a film on it, and the water stays clean.  (I have two cats, and add about a quart of water daily, allowing for usage and evaporation.)  And, it is remarkably easy to clean.  My fear with cleaning is that I may break my fountain, but that’s a small reservation compared to the many benefits.  If I do break it, then I will shed a tear and immediately order a replacement. Most important of all, my two cats love it.  One drinks directly from the stream (she sticks here head in it!) and the other likes to drink from the bowl.  So the design is perfect.  I only wish I had a place for the fountain in my small apartment where the beauty of the fountain would be easily visible.  But it’s for the quiet and for my cats health and comfort that I made the purchase.  That is what is important! My ThirstCat fountain is an amazing product.  I would call it a real value.  Cheap is not always the least expensive option.  Thank you so much for your beautiful, well-designed product! Sincerely, Bill PS  I gave your information to my veterinarian to pass along to his clients.  I also tell my friends who have cats.
    I loved everything about this process. The website made it easy to understand what I was ordering, the assembly was a breeze, it's *gorgeous*, and my babies (bunnies, actually, not cats) are figuring it out.
    Thank You!
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for my beautiful “Summertime” fountain! It is beautiful, runs perfectly, is easy to clean, and I notice my three cats drink more water now, which is so good for their overall health. You can see my Kona boy approves of it as well! Keep doing your amazing work— you are the best! Thank you, Julie L.
    I am so impressed
    thirstycat fountains
    I am so impressed with these. The water is so much cleaner, minimal biofilm. I’ve tried them all...even the glacier point. I’m truly happiest with yours. And so are my cats! B. Hill
    Since 2013
    thirstycat fountain
    Our cats recommend these fountains to all our friends with cats. Ours was purchased in 2013 and still works great and looks new. 5/1/2019 Tanya Horie
    I Love This Fountain
    cat fountain
    I love this fountain. It is so well designed, not only beautiful but easy to clean. It’s quiet and lovely to look at. I love this company. They are quick to deliver in a safely packaged box with detailed instructions for cleaning. So happy with my new purchase! Cathy Craighead
    Wonderful as always
    This is my fourth fountain from Thirsty Cat Fountains! And the quality and customer service is top-notch as always. I ordered the piazza fountain as it's higher up for my arthritic cat, and as indicated in the photo, he loves drinking from the top of the piazza. The glaze and workmanship is even more beautiful in person, and incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Jackie and her staff went above and beyond for me when my package got lost, calling our post offices and setting up a claim. This personalized customer service is by far the best I've ever experienced. Thank you so much! I just LOVE this fountain and this company!
    He Loves It!
    ThirstyCat Fountains
    My kitty has had problems with urethral blockage -- with this fountain he drinks plenty of water and is much happier without going to the vet all the time. I'm happier too, because the fountain is beautiful, functional, easy to clean and definitely less expensive than repeat vet visits. I plan to buy another one as soon as it's in the budget. Excellent customer service, a pleasure to deal with. Many thanks.
    Above & Beyond
    Jackie went above and beyond getting a replacement part for me. My kitty was so excited when she got her fountain back she was drinking out of it before I could even get it plugged in. Both of my cats love this fountain and they are drinking more water now. This is one of the best companies I've ever worked with.
    Bebbie Loves!
    loves thirstycat fountains
    My cat, Beebe LOVES her thirsty cat fountain. I love that is really is easy to clean. Debbie G. Ackley
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